The Backbone of good construction
is quality steel rods

We are driven by what we create. Crafting a high calibre product at good value for customers is the fundamental objective of our company. Every batch of steel bars that leaves our factories also brings with it the weight of this objective. It is the reason we strive on a daily basis for our steel bars to be better tomorrow than it is today. At Agni Steel we value our customer’s belief in our product and ensure that we do not let them down.

It is important to us that we consistently provide a high quality product with good value. Our manufacturing processes at every step of the way are leading edge, sophisticated and standardized to ensure consistent quality.

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1What are Fe-550D TMT bars?

Fe-550D TMT bars are a type of high-strength, thermo-mechanically treated (TMT) steel reinforcement bar used in construction. The "Fe-550D" designation indicates a minimum Required yield strength of 550, ’D’ Denotes the ductility and Earthquake Resistance making them ideal for load-bearing structures.

2 What kind of construction projects are Fe-550D TMT bars suitable for?

Fe-550D TMT bars are ideal for a wide range of construction projects requiring high strength and earthquake resistance, including High-rise buildings, Bridges, Dams, Industrial complexes, Commercial buildings etc.

3Does Agni Steels offer any other products besides Fe-550D TMT bars?

Yes, Agni Steels likely offers a variety of other steel products besides Fe-550D TMT bars. To find out more about their specific product range, you can visit our website or contact us directly.

4What are the typical sizes of Fe-550D TMT bars offered by Agni Steels?

Fe-550D TMT bars typically come in various diameters to cater to different construction needs. Common sizes might range from 6mm to 32mm. Again, it's best to check with Agni Steels for the available size options.

5 What are the benefits of using AGNI TMT bars over regular steel bars?

TMT bars (Thermo Mechanically Treated) offer several advantages over regular steel bars like Higher Strength, Ductility, Earthquake Resistance, Weldability, Better Bonding with Concrete and more.

6 How can I contact Agni Steels?

You can contact Agni Steels through our website, which might have a contact form or listed phone numbers. You might also reach us on social media platforms.