4 Agni TMT Steel rod benefits that upgrade structures from within

Agni Steels has been producing TMT steel bars in the year 2006, using a semi-automated rolling mill. IN the 11 years to follow, Agni Steels began a focused investment of resources towards the R&D to form a better product. Using this as an opportunity to build expertise, Agni Steels now features completely automated rolling mills, Continuous Casting machines for the production of billets as well as massive Induction furnaces to keep up with production demand.

Agni Steels has developed a world-class production process, supervised metallurgists and engineers that imparts quality to our rods far superior to the norm. Our TMT steel rods are strong, ductile and screened to preserve strict quality standards to ensure our customers only receive a product they are fully satisfied with. Here are the added features of Agni TMT steel rods that make it at home within any kind of structure.

1. Strength

Agni Steels’ closely controlled production process is closely monitored from the beginning, when the raw materials are procured. The iron ore is screened for high iron content. Additionally, our TMT process creates an extremely hard outer surface of martensitic steel on the steel rod, further contributing to its remarkable strength.

2. Quality Raw materials 

The iron ore used to produce the sponge iron is imported from Kumba, South Africa as well as procured from Karnataka. This Iron ore is specially selected and screened for high iron content. The coal used is also imported from South Africa. This careful attention to raw materials results in the sponge iron containing few undesirable tramp elements that could negatively impact the quality of the final product.

3. Best of both worlds

Agni Steels’ utilizes the TEMPCORE technology, which is a method of producing TMT steel rods that give it considerable ductility without compromising on strength. A layered cooling process is used to form an extremely tough outer surface of tempered steel on the outside of the rod, while the inner core of the rod is gradually cooled to form malleable ferrite-pearlite. Thus, the end result is a bar that features impeccable strength and ductility at the same time. This is convenient to those working with the rod, as it can be easily shaped into meshes without sustaining lasting damage.

4. Agni Steels’ Quality control

Our quality control process is built up carefully over the years we spent establishing ourselves as a trusted name in the steel industry. It begins from the procurement of quality raw materials, continues in the screening of every cast billet followed a number of tests used to determine the quality of the final product. Throughout the production process, the product is tested for specific mechanical and chemical properties. 

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