5 reasons why TMT Steel rods are important for a lasting structure

Building a fantastic structure requires a massive investment of time, money and care.  Right from hiring an architect to the labourers, one needs to be sure that they have the best possible people on board for the project. Then comes the material: Concrete, wiring, pipes, tiles and most importantly the steel rods that will form the framework and support of the structure. TMT steel rods are a common type of steel rod used in India, but what is it about them that make their use so common? Actually, TMT rods feature a number of characteristics that make them desirable for use, and also distinct from other steel rods.

1. Ductility: The TMT process requires the steel rod to go through a layered cooling period. An inner core of malleable ferrite-pearlite is the result of this process. Despite a hard outer layer, these rods are flexible enough to be moulded into meshes of any shape for construction.

2. Resilience: The initial cooling period TMT steel rods go through leave it with an outer layer of extremely hard, tempered martensitic steel. Despite being ductile due to its soft inner core, TMT steel rods also feature a significant upgrade on strength to any close substitute.

3. Conducive to welding: TMT Steel rods are convenient to weld, this allows them to be used in versatile and innovative structures. Welders working on projects are able to work faster due to the convenience TMT steel rods afford them.

4. Corrosion-resistant: TMT rods are resistant to rust. This ensures that once the steel rod is in  use it will not suffer continual decay from corrosion, an inherent problem that affects structures all over India

5. Lower consumption of steel: TMT steel rods are extremely tough and resilient to damage but they also display remarkable resistance to strain over time. TMT rods offer load bearing capabilities far superior to other types of steel rods, which means they can be used far more economically.

These unique properties of TMT steel are what make them the essential building material for Long-lasting structures

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