Application of Steel frames in constructions


Steel framed structures are becoming common every day and engineers have witnessed the ..

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How Malleability in Metals and it alloys defines its application


Malleability in metals is an important physical property to study and adapted to, as pe..

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Common alloying elements of Steel and their applications


Alloying agents and elements are added to Steel to alter the physical and chemical prop..

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Top 10 popular Steel structures around the world


Steel is one of the most used metal in constructions and is used to create some mesmeri..

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Dependence of water treatment industry on Steel


Water is our basic ingredient of life. All life forms use water on a daily basis for va..

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The Variety of Shapes and Sizes of Steel Bars that define their application


Steel bars have a diverse range of applications in a variety of industries. The bars ar..

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What factors determine the different Grades of Steel!


With the ever-increasing demand of Steel for the visionary development around the globe..

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Steel: An ingredient for progress


Since the ancient Turkish civilizations of 1800 B.C., steel has contributed to the bett..

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Applications of steel for ingenious and artistic creations


Since about 3,800 years or so, Steel has played a significant role in civilization, thr..

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