Steel bars for construction


Where to find the best steel bars for constructio..

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Choosing the best earthquake-resistant TMT steel bars for your project


Choosing the best earthquake-resistant TMT steel bars for your project..

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Corrosion resistant TMT bars


Why corrosion resistant TMT bars are ideal for your business.

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Best quality TMT bars in India


Where can I find the best quality TMT bars in India?

It isn&..

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Where to find the best TMT steel bars in Telangana?


Telangana is known for its vastness and varied population. In such a populous place, it..

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TMT Steel Rod Manufacturers fail Quality Tests for composition by FCC


With the target of 300 million tonne per annum by 2030 set by the Steel Ministry of Ind..

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What are TMT Steel Rods?


If you have been involved in the construction of your house or office or are the builde..

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Cold rolled or Hot rolled Steel: What you should choose?


The process of rolling of steel in a manufacturing plant is well researched and planned..

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To do or not to do - for Storage of TMT bars


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Significance of Lugs and Ribs on TMT rods


Ribs provide enhanced anchorage in concrete structures so as to hold t..

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Facts about the importance of Structural Steel


Today's global construction market consists of structural steel as its primary mate..

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TMT Steel and it is contribution in protecting structures from disasters


With the loss of countless lives, along with economic damages of Read More

Benefits of RCC construction over brick and mortar buildings


It is the 21st century, and RCC constructions have replaced traditional brick and morta..

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Things to remember while buying TMT rods for your structures


As of 2018, RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) type building method has replaced the age-..

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Significance of Ductile Steel in Modern Constructions


Ductility refers to a metal’s ability to plastically deform and adapt, during str..

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How TMT Rods help maintain a stable structure


The manufacturing process of TMT rods imparts a number of properties to the rods that a..

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The strength of TMT rods vs. Conventional Steel rods


Steel rods are responsible for much of the integrity of any structure, but how exactly ..

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Preserve a pristine structure with Agni Steels’ CRS rods


A common belief among people is that cement is what provides strength to structures, an..

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5 reasons why TMT Steel rods are important for a lasting structure


Building a fantastic structure requires a massive investment of time, money and care.&n..

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Why Agni Steel’s TMT steel bars set them apart from the rest!


We at Agni Steels take great pride in our prime product, our TMT steel bars. Sin..

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