Agni Steels attends to the havoc caused by Cyclone Gaja in Tamil Nadu

Nov-30-2018 Post / agni-steels-attends-to-the-havoc-caused-by-cyclone-gaja-in-tamil-nadu

It has been two weeks since the disruptive Cyclone Gaja hit Tamil Nadu and Puducherry and the affected civilians are still unable to get back to their regular life. Heavy rainfall in certain parts of Tamil Nadu post the Cyclone made the conditions even worse and many residents were stranded without shelter, food, and other basic necessities. The cyclone has not only uprooted homes and trees in the area but also stalled the Electricity in the villages by wrecking the Power supply system with its heavy force.

Even when there are a lot of measures taken to try to reduce the ramifications of such naturally occurring calamities, there are always some things that cannot be predicted or avoided. It is important to take steps to ensure that affected regions are rapidly attended, people are moved to safer environments, basic amenities are provided to the victims, proper hospitalization is ensured, etc. All these steps only work when they are timely, focused, and consistent.


Every naturally occurring calamity is being communicated by the Weather forecast authorities in advance and the concerned authorities of Ministry, Police, and Disaster management work towards minimizing the effects of the upcoming calamity. The concerned regions are alerted with television, radio, and newspaper sources and schools, colleges, workplaces, etc are notified to discontinue for the expected days of the cyclone. People are warned to keep away from rivers, seas and are recommended to not travel during cyclone attack.


Evacuations can happen pre-calamity or post-calamity, depending on the magnitude of the calamity. High-risk areas are evacuated pre-calamity and some unforeseen evacuations are to be made when the course of the calamity changes or intensifies. NGOs, Armed forces, National Disaster Management Authority and the locals participate in relocating the distressed civilians to a safe house, shelter homes, etc which are provided with the basic shelter and food requirements, first-aid, on-call doctors, etc. Location of these safety premises is selected so as to keep the people away from the calamity-prone areas.

Relief Measures

Once the cyclone hits a particular location, Relief measures are instantly initiated. Some of the initial measures include the evacuations and hospitalizations, while the second step is to provide the people with food, shelter, medical assistance, clothing, etc and once the cyclone dies down, the uprooted houses, electricity, water supply, etc have to be re-established in the locations. All these relief measures are continuous & consistent and every contribution available is always appreciated. Uplifting the affected to get back to their regular life is important and should be achieved in as shorter period as possible.

Agni Steels has always been an active participator in contributing to any local distress and was ready to get to the affected areas with the required help as soon as possible. We are very thankful for the selfless support we receive from our entire Agni team, our network of dealers, who join hands with us for all such measures. Our team and top management were on the site with the basic relief kits that included the basic food and sanitary requirements along with providing the locals with mobile power-supply to connect with their families. This is just a start and we would be contributing even more, monetarily and with our presence to assist the various relief measures bringing these people back to their lives.