All you need to know about our new product, Fe 500D

Sep-02-2018 Post / all-you-need-to-know-about-our-new-product-fe-500d

At Agni Steels, we are constantly upgrading our products as per the research in the industry to meet the demands of the market and also the developments around the country. Our latest production is comprised of a product we can boast about, with its exceedingly superior features and applications.

Fe 500D stands for the grade of TMT bars that are made from superior quality raw materials, heavily reliant on Iron (Fe) and the “D” denotes the enhanced ductility of the product. These variant of TMT bars are manufactured in a very controlled environment to achieve the desired properties. From the usage of very superior raw-materials, specific temperatures, calculated processes, etc, everything is monitored to achieve this grade of TMT Steel that is aimed to build futuristic constructions.

The main focus points of these bars is that they have increased amount of alloying elements in their making and extremely reduced levels of carbon, phosphorus, and sulphur. These specific changes in the raw materials enable the TMT bars to achieve the superior strength and ductility desired. This is the most ideal version of the bars as they are both, strong and ductile at the same time.

Now, we shall discuss the key features of Fe 500D TMT bars:

Easy Bendability
The Fe 500D TMT bars are manufactured in the controlled environment to achieve its superior ductility that allows the bars to be extremely ductile and flexible. This flexibility of the bars allows the engineers and builders to construct structures of their choice and also aim for futuristic and artistic designs. The flexibility of the variant makes the bars, easy to bend on pressure while maintaining its strength.

Earthquake Resistance
The enhanced ductility achieved in the D variety of this Fe 500 TMT bars is detrimental in providing the elongation of the bars under an earthquake threat. The bars are able to withstand the shocks and tremors of the calamity with its increased level of bar elongation. The strength of these bars is also exceptionally high which allows the structures to withstand disasters.

Powerful Bonding
The raw-materials of the 500D bars are chosen to enhance the features of the bars and the increased levels of the alloying elements strengthen the bonding with concrete. The strength of the TMT bars helps to build stronger structures that form extremely powerful bonds with the building materials, thereby protecting life and property.

The features and properties of these modern day product are retained when they are periodically monitored in a controlled environment. At our integrated Steel plant, our iron ore is selected from the best sources, imported from South Africa to ensure low levels of sulphur and phosphorus. The standards of Phosphorous and sulphur which causes fatigue in steel, is maintained at the lowest level of 0.080 Max (phosphorus + sulphur combined) with each (sulphur and phosphorous) not individually exceeding 0.045.

We manufacture our own billets that contribute to the making of our TMT rods, again maintaining the requirements. We also monitor and report the levels of carbon, phosphorus, and sulphur in the production cycle, on a daily basis to ensure every TMT Steel Rod in our facility meets with our exacting standards.