Application of Steel frames in constructions

Jan-16-2019 Post / application-of-steel-frames-in-constructions

Steel framed structures are becoming common every day and engineers have witnessed the strength and benefits that the Steel frames bring to the different type of Constructions. Steel frames are lighter in weight but are very powerful and fulfill all the requirements from a framing system in construction. They are easy to build on the site and display extreme flexibility for designing and building a range of constructions.

Here is a list of constructions that Steel frames are increasingly used:


Construction of High rise buildings involves a great amount of design work and planning. The focus for strength and weight is equally important as the building requires to be stable to take on the increasing number of floors but also be powerful so it does not collapse. As there are multiple floors in a skyscraper and the design and planning is always elaborate, it is important to construct these buildings in the stipulated time. Steel frames provide the required low-weight, strength, and speed of construction for such buildings.

Industrial/Warehouse constructions:

When we think of Industrial setups, we envision large area of land that are constructed to accommodate heavy machinery, transport facility for the products, storage, etc with ease. For industrial areas and warehouses, it is imperative to keep the costs low for constructions as the land to cover is very large. Steel frames provide the necessary ability to construct such large spaces at great pricing.

Residential buildings:

Multiple frames of Steel are used to build designated areas in the residential constructions. There is a specific technique, called the ‘light gauge’ used for residential buildings where frames of Steel are stacked and then covered with Steel sheets to form walls. These Steel frames form a very strong construction and give the residential building the required power and durability at lower costs.

Temporary structures:

Art installations, event setups, stages, are just a few examples of temporary structures that are built with Steel frames. Such constructions, even as temporary are expected to be very strong and stable and easy to construct. Steel frames provide the necessary strength and reliability to such constructions along with the ease of building it and then taking it down when the event is completed. Steel framed temporary constructions are also extremely cost effective.


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