Benefits of using in-house Sponge Iron in Steel Manufacturing

May-22-2018 Post / benefits-of-using-in-house-sponge-iron-in-steel-manufacturing

India is the largest producer of Sponge Iron in the world with an annual production of 24-26 Million Tonne across 400 units available across the country. Sponge Iron is an important raw-material for Steel making and has a consistent demand for domestic Steel manufacturing and for exports. The availability of domestic Iron-ore plays a key role in the production and supply of Sponge Iron. 

Here are some of the benefits that the in-house production of Sponge Iron provides:

Availability of Sponge Iron
With the in-house production of Sponge iron, the raw material for further Steel making processes is available at the on-site which ensures availability of the product, whenever necessary. The monetary losses due to the unavailability of the raw-material, the transportation charges, the high prices for urgent needs can be curtailed with in-house production. The production rate, amount of sponge iron can be monitored and processes can be altered as per requirements with the internal production.

Quality Maintenance
The primary reason for incorporating sponge iron production in the Steel making production space is to dictate the quality of this raw-material. With the internal production, you can ensure high-quality of the produce by the use of premium quality of its raw-materials and monitoring each process. As sponge iron is the main raw material for the production of TMT rods, it is paramount to ensure the quality of this starting material which is dependent on the quality of its constituents. 

When Sponge Iron is used as a metallic fed in Electric Arc furnaces, expensive coking coal can be replaced with normal thermal coal which significantly cuts down expenses for the Steel manufacturers. The highest recovery of Steel is from Sponge Iron contributing to 50% of the recovered Steel from Electric Arc furnaces. Production and availability of Sponge iron at the Steel making units further reduces the costs of buying and transport of the raw-material. Lowered prices of raw-material therefore enable the manufacturers to maintain and offer the Final products at a competitive price in the market, with higher quality.

Trust on the material
With sponge iron being one of the primary raw-material, it is important to ensure that its quality is top-notch in order to produce quality final products. With the in-house production of this material, you have a hold on the processes, production output, quality checks, etc. which builds trust and credibility. The productivity is high and the processes are seamless when you have a trusted, dependable raw-material, Sponge Iron.

Agni Steels is one of the very few Steel manufacturers who produce their own Sponge Iron. With our flagship Agni Sponge Iron, we have maintained a consistent quality and production of our high-caliber TMT bars that are trusted by over 400 dealers across South India.