Cold rolled or Hot rolled Steel: What you should choose?

Aug-23-2018 Post / cold-rolled-or-hot-rolled-steel-what-you-should-choose-

The process of rolling of steel in a manufacturing plant is well researched and planned according to the desired results. When you are choosing the raw materials for your constructions, it is important to understand such properties to ensure you are not wasting your resources for the wrong materials and choose the best suitable materials for your project. There are two major types of processing of Steel, Hot rolled and Cold rolled. Whether the steel was hot rolled or cold rolled for its production will affect the core physical and chemical properties and therefore is a key factor that decides the applications of the products.

Cold Rolled Steel: Cold rolling is the process when Steel is rolled at room temperature, below the re-crystallization temperature. 

Hot Rolled Steel: Hot rolling is the process when Steel is rolled at very high temperatures, above recrystallization temperature.

This knowledge will give you the right direction when you are choosing the steel for your specific application purposes. Choosing the right steel for your application will not only save your time and investments but also ensure that your applications is durable and reliable.

At Agni Steels, we use the hot rolling process at our manufacturing plant to produce our signature TMT Steel Rods used by the construction industry.