Corporate Social Responsibility : Find out why you should ensure you take some CSR initiatives

Apr-05-2018 Post / corporate-social-responsibility-find-out-why-you-should-ensure-you-take-some-csr-initiatives

Since the start of time, the success of a company was measured by the consistent returns on investment (dividends) and steady performance over the fiscals. At around the end of 20th century, the masses had developed a sort-of anti-environment point-of-view about the corporates. To counter that, and to establish themselves as beneficiaries to the community, companies have adopted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies, at their processing plants. Be it offering clean water resources for the surrounding communities, providing employment opportunities to the locals, or conforming to environment-friendly procedures, it functions for the upliftment of its communities. Majority of the CSR activities aren’t mandatory, but a huge chunk of the successful corporations adopt CSR as a part of their mission.

Here follows a brief overview of why companies should incorporate CSR, at their facilities:

  1. More engaged employees: Corporate Social Responsibility is well-known to improve engagement amongst the employees, as the way an organization treats the community, displays respect. Employees are more likely to work actively, and perform better when the company promotes the development of the community. Organizations that encourage their employees for personal development through training and leisure activities create a motivated workspace for everyone to operate.
  2.  Improved public image: Companies that consistently offer donations and other aids to support NGOs are viewed to be more philanthropic, and customers will be more likely to do business with them, than their counterparts that lack CSR policies. By publicizing their attempts at improving the lifestyle of the community, the companies have an opportunity to be favorable in the eyes of the consumers. According to numerous surveys, it was found that the customers were willing to pay more if the company is known to be involved in CSR activities. The consumers are most likely to stay loyal to the company if their values align with the purpose of their CSRs.
  3. Benefits from Regulatory Boards: Companies that direct their funds to promote CSR activities are usually considered to be out of the radar, from the regulatory boards. Generally speaking, a company that engages in activities that promote eco-friendly manufacturing, would avoid violating an agreement about protecting the environment. Realizing the success of these CSR activities, the government bodies join their forces with organizations, and grant subsidies on numerous occasions, for the same.

Companies that engage themselves in CSR activities, encourage creativity and innovation amongst their employees, for the development of both the company and the community. Agni Steels has consistently been a part of numerous CSR activities, firstly by incorporating windmills to promote renewable energy resources. At our manufacturing facility at Perundurai, Erode, Tamil Nadu, we have hosted numerous health-related checkups and awareness campaigns, and offered flood relief supplies to the nearby villages, along with the construction of trenches, to prevent floods in the future. At Agni Steels, we believe in the enrichment of our community and work effectively for the same.