Difference Between Fe500 and Fe500D TMT rods

Oct-11-2018 Post / difference-between-fe500-and-fe500d-tmt-rods

Constant researches and developments in every field are instrumental in enhancing the services, products, and processes in every industry around the world. The Steel industry, which is one of the key industries that define the infrastructure of a country is also continuously studying the nature of the metal and taking the necessary steps to bring the most advanced features of Steel to you. 

At Agni Steels, we have a dedicated research team that looks into the various advancements happening in the Steel industry and ways to incorporate the latest developments at our factory. Our efforts to do so have enabled us to bring to you the most advanced product, Fe 500D with the enhanced ductility and strength produced at our Steel plant.

Here we are describing the striking differences in the two variants, Fe500 and Fe500D for you to understand why it was important for us to make the switch and why you should switch too.

Chemical composition:
The main constituents of the Fe TMT rods that define the chemical properties of the Steel rods are; carbon, sulphur and phosphorus. The composition of these chemicals in the production of the rods is altered to get the desired variant.

   Chemical Composition   Fe 500 TMT rods  Fe 500D TMT rods
   Carbon   0.30  0.25
   Sulphur   0.055  0.040
   Phosphorus   0.055  0.040
   Sulphur and Phosphorus   0.105  0.080

The reduced constituents of these alloying elements in the 500D variant refines the quality and overall ductility of the TMT rods.

Physical features
The controlled chemical composition of the raw-materials in the production of the 500D TMT rods brings about substantial reformations in the mechanical and physical properties of the product. The contrasting difference in the physical attributes of the 500 and 500D TMT are:

  Mechanical properties   Fe 500 TMT rods   Fe 500D TMT rods
  Elongation   12.0   16.0
  Tensile strength   8% more than actual   10% more than actual

Here, we can see that the elongation of the TMT bars and the strength of the rods on applying tension/force is higher in the D variant of the rods. These enhanced mechanical properties of the Fe 500D TMT rods allow elevated resistance of the rods to natural calamities and also under stress.

With Agni Steels’ Fe 500D TMT Steel rods, you can take advantage of the advanced features of the Steel giving your constructions the strength and protection that they deserve. Build superior quality constructions and infrastructures with the modern Fe 500D variant.