Energy and Environment Conservation and Management in the Steel sector

Dec-30-2018 Post / energy-and-environment-conservation-and-management-in-the-steel-sector

The rising challenges in the environment and energy management around the world and specifically in developing countries have encouraged the contributing manufacturing companies to research, design, and incorporate extensive processes and machinery. These initiatives have to ensure the negative impact on the environment and conserve energy sources and use them efficiently in their setup. The Iron and Steel industry in India has been a center of attention for the Union and/or State Government and the Environmental board, which is the Board Ministry of Environment & Forest to reduce the environmental impact, keeping the production and supply steady.

Here are some of the key initiatives taken by the governing authorities to ensure that we conserve and manage our energy and environment.

Initiatives to Conserve the Environment and Energy

Charter on Corporate Responsibility for Environment Protection (CREP) which covers the various plans to prevent and control the environmental pollutants through dedicated measures in process management, minimizing waste, clean technologies, etc and National Action Plan for Climate Change (NAPCC) which outlines 8 major national missions to lay out regulations for protecting energy and environment and its efficient management are governed by our consistent efforts to conserve and protect the resources available to us.

Initiatives to promote Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency in Steel Re-rolling Mills and Up scaling Energy Efficient Production in Small Scale Steel Industry in India are just two of the many projects undertaken by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) that aim to undertake initiatives in the Small and Medium Enterprises to incorporate tried and tested technological advances in the industry to reduce the consumption of energy, promote efficient usage of energy, minimize environmental impact, assign budgets for developing these plans.

Initiatives for Growth of Energy Efficiency projects

The consistent growth and execution of the projects, initiatives, and processes is important to ensure that the steps taken to conserve and protect energy resources, incorporate environment-friendly technologies, etc are sustainable in nature and can be replicated easily. Model Projects by NEDO (New Energy & industrial technology Development Organisation), Japan coordinated by Ministry of Steel are pioneers of such sustainable initiatives in India.


These are just some of the front runners in the Energy Efficiency and Environmental protection initiatives and there are other host of projects, regulations, etc that are carried out by the industry itself, government and environmental authorities, and the Global enterprises that together are moving towards a sustainable and efficient system of manufacturing.

Agni Steels is a strong believer in conserving and efficiently using Energy and reducing the impact on the Environment and consistently participates and incorporates technologies, projects and initiatives as its responsibility.