Everything You Need to Know About the Best 550D TMT Bars For Construction

Nov-25-2022 Post / everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-best-550d-tmt-bars-for-construction

The construction industry is currently exploring newer vectors. And contracts are actively searching for quality materials that will make their structures stand strong, resist natural elements, and reduce expenditure. 

The wisest choice in this situation is choosing the best 550D TMT bars for construction. Fe 550D is a grade of steel bars used in construction projects for their maximum tensile strength and ductility. These bars also carry optimal flexibility to be used in earthquake-prone regions to minimize damage by resisting seismic tremors. 

In this article, we will look in-depth at the various points contracts have to keep in mind when buying 550D steel bars for their construction. 

What Are 550D Steel Bars? 

The ‘D’ in the 550D steel bars denotes the high ductility of these bars. As a result, they are ideal to be used in large buildings. The high tensile strength of these steel bars also makes them strong enough to be used in high-rise projects. This property is beneficial, as contracts can use fewer bars than 550 steel bars, helping them reduce costs. 

Moreover, the Fe 550D bars are highly corrosion-resistant. They can withstand coarse carbides present in coastal regions to prevent rust. Steel bars without rust are capable of lasting longer than other buildings. 

Advantages of Fe 550D Steel Bars 

There are many benefits to investing in the Fe 550D than other variants of TMT bars. Here are some of them explained in detail: 

The Fe550D bars boast better yield strength than other bars. Hence, they are best to be used in large constructions like dams, towers, flyovers, and industrial projects. Yield strength is described as the ability of steel bars to withstand extreme stress before permanent deformation. This property is essential to prevent a large structure from collapsing over time. 

Due to its tensile strength, contractors only have to invest in fewer bars. This can be viewed as a cost-saving measure that could have a significant impact on the overall project budget. Since only fewer bars are required for construction, engineers can also save money on labor charges, allowing them to save more.

The Fe 550D steel bars are easier to weld than other bars. Weldability can be compared by spotting the differences in the quality after the final weld. Due to the better weldability factor of Fe 550D bars, the overall workload can be reduced. It also helps to save time drastically when compared to other steel bars. 

This grade of steel bars carries better corrosion resistance than other bars. The low carbon, phosphorous, and sulfur content makes resist rust-causing factors much better than other bars. As a result, they can withstand moisture and water exposure for a long time, improving the longevity of buildings. 

How Fe 550D Steel Bars Are Produced? 

Manufacturers produce the Fe 550D steel bars in a special Thermo mechanical treatment. This process involves three primary steps: 


In this step, manufacturers will load the steel bars into an oxygen furnace where the carbon present in the iron combines with oxygen to remove carbon dioxide. Then, further refinement is achieved by loading the iron into an Electric Air Furnace. The molten steel at this stage is then passed to a continuous casting machine and quickly loaded into a water-cooled system. After that, molten steel is solidified and sized as steel billets accordingly. The last step involves entering a water spray system known as quenching. 


Once the water quenching is done, the steel billets are cooled at room temperature. This turns the soft inner core into a ductile ferrite-pearlite structure. This property gives the 550D steel bars renowned ductility and flexibility. 

Atmospheric Cooling 

The last step in this process is atmospheric cooling which increases the tensile strength of steel bars. This property is critical for building a long-lasting infrastructure that can withstand both time and damage. 

How to Buy The Best 550D TMT Bars? 

Contractors must think of various factors when they are procuring Fe 550D steel bars for construction. Here are some to keep in mind to make the best purchase for your investment: 

Check the Grade 

There are different grades of steel bars in the market. If you want to purchase the best 550D steel bars, you should check the grade markings on the steel bars. The main differences between a 550 and 550D bar lie in its tensile strength, ductility, and weldability. Check the steel bar you are buying is 550D. The 550D grade steel bars can also be identified by checking with the manufacturers. 


Engineers need flexible bars to make sure that the buildings can withstand when applied with extreme tension. Flexible bars can bend without plastically deforming even when they are welded. 550D bars are highly flexible and you can check the flexibility of the bar you are buying by performing an elongation test. 

Corrosion Resistance