Facts about the importance of Structural Steel

May-10-2018 Post / facts-about-the-importance-of-structural-steel

Today's global construction market consists of structural steel as its primary material – right from constructing marvels such as Burj Khalifa to your daily humble abode; steel has found its way in all of them. Structural steel used in commercial, industrial and residential constructions are found in various shapes (used for very precise angles and support structures; called as beam, angle, plate, channel etc.). Their grades and standards might differ depending upon the geographical locations; however there is no denying its importance in the construction market worldwide.

In this article, we shall highlight some of the well known and some lesser known facts about Structural steel, which helps us naturally trust it to be the safer and better choice.

Fact 1 - Steel is Invulnerable to Natural Threats
With its high seismic-resistance, resistance to corrosion, and ability to make firm bonds with other material, Steel stands strong during natural disasters and provide the safety to lives and property.

Fact 2 – Steel is Resistant to Fire
Fires have been a  big cause of accidental deaths and damage to property for a long time. These fires magnify when the vicinity has non-fire resistant elements. Steel is resistant to high temperatures which allows great resistance to most fire accidents happening around the globe.

Fact 3 - Steel Doesn't Grow Mold
Steel is manufactured for corrosion-resistance which ensures its lifespan in water bodies and damp conditions. This property of Steel is helpful in the manufacturing of big ships and constructions in coastal areas that could otherwise be under the threat of getting mold and therefore becoming inhospitable.

Fact 4 – Structural Steel can be developed into any shape
The manufacturing of Steel has gone through a lot of upgrades and changes to meet the vision of the futuristic and artistic designs, the developing economies demand. With Steel’s ductility, malleability, and weldability, it is possible to construct architectural marvels and intricate creations.

There are many more such properties that have made Steel the preferred choice for structures, both simple and complex to ensure stability, longevity, and safety. Agni Steels is proud to provide Steel for elaborate structures that are important for your homes and also for development of big structures for transport facilities and also institutions.