How dealers can ensure they are buying the right Fe 500D TMT Rods

Sep-12-2018 Post / how-dealers-can-ensure-they-are-buying-the-right-fe-500d-tmt-rods

With the extent of duplicates and sub-par products available in the market today, it is sometimes difficult to tell the original from the copy. But it is extremely important to know the difference to ensure that you are not being deceived, as the incorrect rods can lead to failure of structures and loss of life. Time and again, reputed brands and manufacturers are making efforts to safeguard dealers from such fraudulent sellers who do not attend to every guideline and fail to produce a completely safe product.

Here are a few ways that you can ensure that you are buying the right Fe 500D rods:
1. Buy it from a known brand:
When dealers buy directly from a known and respected brand, they can warrant that they are buying the correct and original Fe 500D TMT rods claimed. Reputed brands maintain a thorough process and production of these rods and will deliver the said product to make sure they meet their vision of delivering quality products and maintain their brand identity. Buying from respected brands puts value and trust in their products and service.

2. Random lab checks
Dealers can carry out random chemical and mechanical tests in an established laboratory to test that the promised features are backed with the correct levels of constituents and pass the physical tests. The BIS have kept the levels to be maintained for Phosphorous and sulphur to not cross 0.080 combined, with individually each not crossing 0.040 for the superior quality of the Fe 500D variant. These tests can ascertain that you can trust the brand and the buyer that is providing you the products. You can therefore be sure of providing the correct Fe 500D rods to your valuable customers.

3. Supporting reports from the brand 
Ask for specific reports maintained by the brands you buy from, that reveal the distinct numbers they have achieved and if they are meeting the guidelines laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards. When a brand is particular about maintaining each report for every process, they are the one to trust. At Agni Steels, we ensure we test and record the details of our products, from reputed labs in the country and share these details with all our dealers.

4. Visiting the manufacturing facility
Conscious dealers who want to ensure everything they sell is at par with the standard procedures and guidelines, can give a visit to the brand’s manufacturing facility. The production process, the machinery, processes, the safety checks, tests, etc at the manufacturing plant define the end product and its features. Checking how a brand behaves on ground dictates their product’s value and paying a visit to their facility will confirm your belief in the brand. At Agni Steels, we arrange industrial visits for our dealers throughout the year, for them to understand our quality process and production.

We, at Agni Steels are known for our consistent quality over the decades and our 400+ dealers trust us for the products we provide. We are proud of following the rules and incorporate every regulation laid out by the BIS to ensure that our Fe 500D TMT rods become the strong foundations for your structures that they promise.