How do Steel Industries ensure energy conservation?

May-14-2018 Post / how-do-steel-industries-ensure-energy-conservation-

With the constant increase in the national and global Steel production, it becomes mandatory to check on the energy consumption in the production and handling processes and actively participate in reducing the carbon print to the environment. As a developing country, India has a lot of construction and development plans underway that will further encourage the production of Steel materials. With the increased production, comes the responsibility to promote energy efficiency with minimum greenhouse gas emissions.

About 50% of an integrated facility’s energy input comes from coal, 35% from electricity, 5% from natural gas and 5% from other gasses.

Here are a few norms adopted by the Steel industries to save Energy:

The Steel industry is actively managing its use and conservation of energy. It is crucial to ensure the functioning of the industry and to reduce environmental impacts. Recovery of waste and outgoing heat energy is also been looked into to reuse it in the main processes. AgniSteels has always engaged in preserving energy and also invested in alternate sources of energy, for instance sustainable energy from the windmills, following reusable energy practices, etc.