How the Steel industry is striving during extreme Climate Change?

Nov-11-2018 Post / how-the-steel-industry-is-striving-during-extreme-climate-change-

The changes in the climate and the overall temperatures around the globe are alarming and these have significant effects on the naturally occurring disasters that hit us and our surrounding. The changing climate has to be studied and important and immediate steps are to be taken to ensure that the human impact on the climate is minimized. Industry waste, practices, and pollution can be a major cause of triggering and impacting the weather and climate of an area.

Industries have to be therefore conscious about their contribution to the climate change, at every level, from sourcing their raw-materials, to dispatching their products while also evaluating and revising their product features to meet these changes in the climate. Steel industries are making a consistent effort to ensure their wastage are lowered, their product is fit for these extreme climate uproars, and also evaluate their overall process.

At Agni Steels, we ensure that our products are manufactured with negligible impact on the environment while also ensuring that it stays unaffected with the extreme changes in the surrounding. Here are some of the things we follow to ensure we are able to achieve our vision.

Resource efficiency:
Ensuring the efficiency for the materials and processes lets us minimize wastage, bring the most out of the raw-material, and product and therefore contribute positively to the environment. Efficient machinery and processes is achieved by consistent maintenance and quality checks that help us avoid any downtime and heavy repair costs, also helping us achieve our targeted productions. We reuse the water in our factory wherever possible, reducing the consumption. We give away by-products to other industries that uses these products as raw-materials or intermediate materials for their products.

Adopting best practices:
Resource efficiency and best practices are quite intertwined. Following the guidelines laid down by the Steel ministry, industry-wide standards, modern and studied processes allow us to achieve the quality and quantity that is fit for our society and also for our environment. Maintaining quality at every step, digitizing process management, adequate staff training, etc are just some of the practices we follow. Our machines are regularly audited and carefully operated as per instructions, our raw-materials are only sourced from trusted partners, and some of our resources are made in-house.

Sustainability everywhere:
Steel is a sustainable material which is completely recyclable without any loss of properties. Our production process tries to incorporate as many sustainable processes and methods to honor the sustainable material. We have constructed windmills in our factory zone that provides the power needed at the Steel plant for all the processes and machines. Crafting a product that ensures longevity in their applications has always been our vision and achieving such sustainability is what drives us every day.

Investments in Research and Innovation:
Understanding and analyzing the changing climate and requirements around us and modifying the production to compliment them is important for a brand to survive. At Agni Steels, we realize the importance of research and have invested time, money, and expertise to bring the most innovative, modernized and sustainable machines, processes, and raw materials to our production cycle. These ensure that we are manufacturing our output with an environmentally-conscious process and also meet the demands of the changing climate.

The modern day Steel products are flexible and strong and withstand these extreme conditions of climatic changes around us. Keeping life and property safe with constructions, infrastructure made out of such materials brings trust and reliability for the Steel industry.