How TMT Rods help maintain a stable structure

Nov-14-2017 Post / how-tmt-rods-help-maintain-a-stable-structure

The manufacturing process of TMT rods imparts a number of properties to the rods that are unique when compared to any substitute. These benefits include higher strength, ductility, convenient welding etc. butan often overlooked benefit of TMT rods are the patterns that run along the periphery of the TMT rod. These are called ribbing or anchorage and they are responsible for a number of benefits on their own.

TMT steel rods are hot-rolled, which means that the steel rod is shaped from the billet while the metal is still molten. The ribbing is imprinted along the periphery of the TMT steel rods during this process by the Rolling mill. Here are the benefits that rod ribbing brings to your structure-

1. Tight bond with concrete-cement mixtures

TMT rod ribbing is responsible for the bond between the steel rod and the concrete. This bond is extremely important to structural integrity. If there is a gap in the bond between the rod and concrete, this gap will widen over time and eventually manifest in the form of cracks across the outside surface of the structure. TMT steel rods bond with concrete securely, minimizing the chances of cracks occurring.

2. Even weight and roundness

The pre-stressed strands on the rolling mill are what emboss the rods with the ribbing pattern, are also responsible for the even weight and roundness of the rods. This is important for transportation and the onsite workability of the steel rods. When placed within a structure, the steel rods are subjected to a massive amount of weight. If the weight of the bar is unevenly dispersed, the weak areas will permanently deform under the stress of the concrete. An even weight and shape contribute to the long term stability of the structure.

Agni Steels TMT rods are built in a state-of-the-art facility, with our fully automated rolling mill that standardizes the high-quality across our range of products. The transverse and longitudinal rips on Agni Steels’ TMT rods are processed to achieve a superior bond with concrete-cement mixtures.