How to determine high-quality TMT bars in India

Sep-27-2021 Post / how-to-determine-high-quality-tmt-bars-in-india

In India TMT bars are majorly used for construction, this is also to strengthen the structures against natural disasters such as earthquakes and also to increase the lifetime of the structures. But one of the major reasons TMT bars are used in construction is their resistive property against corrosion, not only in construction, TMT bars are used in various industries and development sectors. Here we are going to list a few things while choosing a good quality TMT bar.

Manufacturing process

The quality of a material is determined by the materials used and how it is manufactured, good quality TMT bars in India are manufactured using the highest-grade materials, in the most advanced process to ensure a high quality and standard. Thermo-mechanical Treatment or TMT is the manufacturing process in which the steel bars which we use for the construction are made. TMT bars undergo a process called quenching which is soaking of metal at high temperature and cooling it rapidly to harden the outer surface of the metal, followed by self- tempering and atmospheric cooling. Quenching increases the strength and toughens up alloys.

Ductility & Bendability

A TMT bar’s ductile strength is one of the essential factors to hold the framework of the structure when reshaped and formed in accordance with the structure without any fracture. So, while choosing a TMT bar, it is essential to see to its ductile strength, if it is in the required standard for the structure.

Bendability is equally important as ductility, in construction TMT bars are bent and fitted to the building’s architecture. During the manufacturing, process bars are subjected to extremities and are bent to see the ductile strength using a universal bending machine to ensure they are bent perfectly.

Depending on the structure you can choose the type of TMT bar that would be suitable. If a less ductile TMT bar is bent, the chances of it breaking are higher than a high ductile TMT bar.

Corrosion resistivity

While choosing a TMT bar takes the location and surroundings into consideration, because in some areas there might be higher moisture and humidity present in the air than usual, in areas where annual rainfall is higher and damp. In these situations, atmospheric air might react with the TMT bar or building and cause it to corrode, in this instance choosing a TMT bar with high corrosion resistivity keeps the building's lifetime long.

Seismic resistivity

The seismic resistivity of a structure is depending on the reinforcement strength, TMT bars when used forms a superior bond with cement and structure thus fortifying the tensile strength. Depending on the seismic activity of the area, the grade of the TMT bar used varies. The higher ductile strength and superior earthquake resistance in a good grade TMT Bar, is vital to decrease structure damage and human casualties, which is due to uniform energy dissipation in every cycle.

So, choose the TMT bar depending on the seismic activity in the location you are planning to construct the structure.

These are the important things to consider before choosing a TMT bar, always consider all the factors before construction.