Know why Billets Manufacturing is so important and why we take the utmost care in every step!

Dec-13-2017 Post / know-why-billets-manufacturing-is-so-important-and-why-we-take-the-utmost-care-in-every-step-

The quality of a product depends on a lot of factors, one of which is the quality of raw materials. In an attempt to maintain the pristine quality of TMT bars at Agni Steels, production of its raw-material, Billets is carried out in-house. Here is an insight into our extensive production process that will let you understand how our company works.

A billet is the second-stage product of the Steel manufacturing process at Agni Steels. It is the most malleable and ductile form of steel, along with being in its purest form, as most of the impurities are separated during the conversion of sponge iron to billets. Billets can later be melted down into manufacturing products like TMT bars, etc.

We achieve this by manufacturing billets with heating high-quality sponge iron in a carefully regulated furnace. It helps us maintain consistent composition, which is verified at every step of production, to meet with the stringent quality control tests.

The process begins with sponge irons and Ferro-alloys being melted down in the induction furnace. The molten liquid metal is then poured from the furnace into the ladle. The chemical composition of the metal is tested and adjusted for the final product, and then poured into a distributor, which is further sent into the casting mould. The casting process is carried out with a CCM (Continuous Casting Mechanism), where it is cast into a square shape, of the dimensions of 110mm. Casting mould is where the billet cools down, wherein water jets provide secondary cooling.

The CCM helps us create the standardized product with more control over the process so that the consistency is maintained. This unique production process enables us to maintain a high yield, with minimal wastage. Our billets are certified with coveted ISI standards like IS:2830 and IS:14650.  Once the billets are tested for the right percentage of the required chemicals, they are taken to the rolling mill for further processing.

This concludes our manufacturing process for Billets, the main raw material for our final product, TMT rods. At Agni Steels, we ensure that our raw materials are tested by experts for quality and consistency at every stage.