Maintaining safe environment for our Agni Steels workforce

Jan-30-2018 Post / maintaining-safe-environment-for-our-agni-steels-workforce

Today, numerous steel companies recognize the need to develop a safer environment for their employees, machinery, and plants. There is no area, process or type of work that cannot be fully accident-free. But through meticulous planning and execution of safety norms issued by the Steel Governing boards, hazards can be avoided. Our policies at Agni Steels are drafted in a way to help us achieve our goals for developing safer workplaces.

Here is a list of safety practices Agni Steels incorporates to maintain safety at its factories:

  1.  Safety Setup: Using machinery that fits the safety norms and tweaking it to safeguard the health of our workforce is always our priority. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a no-brainer for providing safety to the employees. Using PPE such as hand gloves, helmets, glasses, tongs, etc. that are made for handling extreme temperatures and pressures, protect the workers from harm. Ease of access to fire extinguishers, alarms, heat sensors, smoke detectors, are just a few of the many factors that contribute to preventing an accident from turning into a disaster. Managing the placement and availability of safety equipment throughout the workplace helps in handling accidents.
  2.  Training and Competency: Our employees are thoroughly trained for using the safety gear in an event of technical failure. Our breakdown procedures are explained carefully through special training and safety drills are carried out periodically to prevent our workers from poisonous smoke, fires, etc. The safety equipment is checked at regular intervals to ensure that the valves, pipes, fittings, etc. function at the critical moments. Regular maintenance of machinery is also carried out at put plants. Maintaining a competent and dedicated Fire and Safety Department at Agni Steels helps us fight off fires and prevent them from resulting in larger explosions.
  3. Improvements and Upgrades: Agni Steels is constantly upgrading its manufacturing process to make it safer for the workers to operate. Right from colouring the pipes carrying hot steam in bright red, to insulating the power sources to prevent short-circuits; all the minor details are subjected to inspection. Safety checks are held regularly, and the data obtained is used to make further improvements in the machinery and make it user-friendly. Agni Steels manufacturing facilities are planned to comply with the safety standards issued by the Indian Ministry of Steel.

As per the Board of Directors of World Steel Association, “Nothing is more important than the safety and health of the people who work in the steel industry”. It requires a permanent commitment from all the levels of management, who have safety and health as their number one priority. Safety must not be compromised for any other objective. Agni Steels firmly believes in the same discipline to safeguard the valuable lives of its employees.