Prepare your structure to withstand earthquakes

Jul-19-2018 Post / prepare-your-structure-to-withstand-earthquakes

The present climatic conditions and the changes in the world climates are a critical factor to consider when building your structure. Preparing your structure to withstand the wrath of the earthquakes that hit our country is integral for the safety of your life and property. Building structures with resistance to natural and man-made calamities can be discussed and planned with your engineer and designer. The soil, foundation of the structure, structural design, materials used to construct your design play an important role in defining the characteristics, longevity, stability, etc of your finished structure.

Here are a few ways your building materials and design can be chosen to withstand earthquakes:

The Foundation:
The presence of quality soil where your structure is to be constructed needs to be tested for durability and stability. The choice of location plays an important role in the quality and cover of the soil. When the soil is stable and does not move from its place, it ensures a firm anchor for the foundation of the structure built. Keep away from soil that is loose and can erode from excessive movements like earthquake, floods, etc. Look for soil with coarse materials that holds it in place and keep the foundation strong.

Structural Design:
The design of the construction has to be laid out with symmetry, geometry, and should adhere with the seismic resistant procedures in mind. It is also important to consider the load bearing capacity of the foundation while deciding the height and customization of the design. When the design is built by a professional, the distribution of weight and pressure on the house during any calamity is also taken into consideration. The shape, size, overall geometry therefore define the strength and stability of the structure during earthquakes.

Quality building materials:
The quality and usage of materials for your constructions is a deciding factor in its structural stability. When you choose premium quality building ingredients for construction that are resistance to seismic activity, their characteristic resistance is also seen in the finished structure. The most ideal combination of materials to be used for strong and durable constructions is Reinforcement with Steel and Concrete. TMT bars are the most advanced bars used for tough constructions that are resistance to earthquakes and bond very strongly with concrete. Also ensure that there is consistency in the materials as that is a driving factor for the stability.

Maintenance and re-constructions:
As much as it is important to ensure that the above factors are taken into consideration while building a new structure, it is also important to check any changes needed for old structures that have to be prepared for natural calamities. Once the structures are prepared to tackle any such situations, we should ensure that we maintain the main framework of the structure and if there are any major structural changes to be engineered, it should be consulted with a professional. Again, consistency in design and building materials is to be maintained.

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