Preserve a pristine structure with Agni Steels’ CRS rods

Nov-04-2017 Post / preserve-a-pristine-structure-with-agni-steels-crs-rods

A common belief among people is that cement is what provides strength to structures, and this is responsible for particular attention being paid to the cement-concrete mixtures used. This is true, but only in part. A major part of the strength of any structure comes from the steel rods that form the framework of the structure. These vital materials are the support system of any structure, and any damage to them can over time compound and become extremely detrimental to the lifespan of the structure.

Agni Steels’ CRS rods are the solution to decay from corrosion. Corrosion to the steel rods within your structure cause the volume of the steel to increase, thereby putting stress against the concrete that surrounds it, which in turn causes cracks in the structure over time. Not only do these cracks impact the beauty of buildings, they also compromise its stability over time.

Agni Steels’ CRS rods are produced under a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, supervised by qualified metallurgists and engineers that constantly monitor for defects. A proprietary mix of additives seal the quality within the rod and grants superior corrosion resistant properties that protect your structure from internal decay.

Our CRS steel rods possess unique chemistry that make it perfect to use in areas that are in close proximity to coastal areas, or in areas where toxic fumes impact the surrounding environment and cause rust.

We at Agni Steels realize the immense responsibility that comes with operating in a sector that people contribute a major part of their time and resources into, and we thrive with it by obsessively working towards building a product that provides value and satisfaction at a cost-effective rate.