Tamil Thalaivas - Defining the bond between Tamil Nadu and Kabaddi

Aug-17-2017 Post / tamil-thalaivas-defining-the-bond-between-tamil-nadu-and-kabaddi-2

A new entrant into the 5th edition of the Pro Kabaddi League, the Tamil Thalaivas are looking to build a defined legacy in the sport of Kabaddi. As the franchise was announced amongst much fanfare, the league specified that the new franchises had been chosen based on the popularity that Kabaddi is enjoyed in those regions. And enjoy they do!! 

Tamil Nadu is known to have a steadfast fascination with the sport. Team Captain Ajay Thakur has spoken of the crowds that showed up to greet him as he toured districts in Tamil Nadu, ample proof of the following the sports commands in this region.

Tamil Thalaivas Co-owner Sachin Tendulkar is clear about his driving ambition behind the franchise. Speaking at the jersey launch for the team, Sachin elaborated on the positives of sporting activities for the youth of India, and how it can be a positive contributing factor to the future of this country. He hopes that promoting fitness to the youth will eliminate the possibility of a physically unfit future populace.

K Bhaskaran signing on as head coach for the Tamil Thalaivas debut season is nothing less than a coup for the franchise. The 2016 World Cup winning Coach is at heart, a massive fan of the sport of Kabaddi itself, in his own words he believes:

” Kabaddi has all the important life skills to keep one healthy. It develops a fighting spirit and helps a player ward off challenges effectively.”

He is deeply attached to the Sport and has been so, ever since he first began playing the sport as a 12-year-old.

The Tamil Thalaivas are perfectly poised to take advantage of the immense talent and popularity for Kabaddi that resides within the area. Signing prospects like K Prapanjan and T Prabhakaran shows that they recognise the potential of this franchise and this sport in Tamil Nadu.

As a proud sponsor of the Tamil Thalaivas, Agni Steels is delighted to aid their efforts in promoting sport and building a legacy of excellence within the Pro Kabaddi League, beginning with their very first year in the competition. Agni Steels wishes the Tamil Thalaivas the very best for their debut season.