Tamil Thalaivas vs Puneri Paltan match preview

Sep-28-2017 Post / tamil-thalaivas-vs-puneri-paltan-match-preview

Tamil Thalaivas
League record: W W L W L
League Position: Zone B, 6th position 

The Tamil Thalaivas have experienced a welcome upturn in form over the past 2 weeks, racking up 3 wins in their last 5 games. The Thalaivas couldn’t ask for better circumstances  to go into this game. After earning their first consecutive wins in the competition, the Thalaivas appear to have gained the edge they were missing in their rough-and-tumble run so far. Now facing the Puneri Paltan in their next match, both these teams have played the least number of games of any other team in the competition, with the Thalaivas at 13 and the Paltan at 12 so far. 

This gives us the unique situation for two teams who still have much to gain from this competition, and both will be looking to make every match count. The Thalaivas biggest problem in this match will be Paltan raider Deepak Narwal, an aggressive offensive presence who is a key piece of the Paltan’s otherwise defensive setup. The Puneri Paltan is one of those rare teams that prefer to rely on tactical defensive manoeuvres, and their strategy has been rewarding so far. The Thalaivas will need to outsmart the Puneri Paltan’s defensive strategy, while protecting themselves from a talented raider in Deepak Hooda.

Puneri Paltan
League record: W W W L W
League Position: Zone A, 3rd Position

The Puneri Paltan are one of the top performers in the tournament so far and will enter the game on the 29thfull of confidence. However, in the Tamil Thalaivas, the Puneri Paltan are coming up against an opponent that is so unpredictable their own devoted fans wouldn’t dare predict a result. The Thalaivas have had a divisive season so far, but things are definitely picking up with 2 wins on the trot now. 

The Puneri Paltan’s biggest problem on the night will be Ajay Thakur, the mercurial raider and team captain who is the heart and soul of the Tamil Thalaivas. He has been showing spectators why he deserves to be considered among the top raiders in this competition. He has a tendency to grab points in the last minutes of a match, completely flipping the result in favour of the Thalaivas. The effectiveness of this strategy is yet to be tested against a team that prioritizes defensive play, which could be the Puneri Paltan’s biggest advantage heading into this match. The Thalaivas backline struggles with consistency, but is more than capable of dealing with any threat the Puneri Paltans can muster.