Tamil Thalaivas Vs Telugu Titans match recap.

Sep-01-2017 Post / tamil-thalaivas-vs-telugu-titans-match-recap.

The Tamil Thalaivas face defeat once again in match 54 of the Pro Kabaddi League as the Telugu Titans win their second consecutive game. Both these teams came into this match on the back of middling form that saw both teams gain just one victory off their last 5 games. Fans were able to see history repeated as the Telugu Titans were victors in the duo’s first match up in the opening match of the Pro Kabaddi League 2017.

The Tamil Thalaivas started strong with Ajay Thakur and K. Prapanjan earning a 3-0 lead in the first 4 minutes of the game, with the Titans gaining a tackle point in the 5th minute. This trend followed through the rest of the half, as the Titans defense picked up points quickly and made it tough for the Tamil Thalaivas offense to do much damage. An evenly fought contest, the first half ended with the Titans leading 12-10.

The second half began with a bang as the Titans punished the Thalaivas with an all-out and increased their lead 17-12 in the process. Rahul Chaudhari was kept quiet by the Thalaivas defence and was unable to have his usual influence on the game’s scoreline. Thalaivas’ Ajay Thakur kept up his good form and inflicted damage on the Titans throughout the second half. The Thalaivas five minute blitzkrieg ending in the 37thminute saw them score ten raid points and pull close to the Titans with the score-line now reading 26-28.

The final moments held quite a few thrills as the Thalaivas managed to close the deficit to only one point with the score reading 28-29 with just two minutes to go. A successful raid by Rahul Chaudhari and a further two tackle points ensured The Titans’ 33-28 victory.

Highlights from the match
Ajay Thakur’s consistent performances draw deserved praise but seem to fall short earning his team some much-needed wins. Titans’ defense that earned their team tackle points with ease. The final ten-minute scramble for points that led this match down to the wire.