Tamil Thalaivas vs Telugu Titans match review

Oct-04-2017 Post / tamil-thalaivas-vs-telugu-titans-match-review

Another straight loss for the Tamil Thalaivas as a nightmare run at home continues despite an impressive 20-point performance from Ajay Thakur. Rahul Chaudhari, Mohsen Maghsoudlou and Nilesh Salunke each picked up a Super-10 as the Telugu Titans subjected their southern counterparts to a mauling. The Thalaivas defence were severely outclassed by their rivals attacking force.

The match took off with the Telugu Titans striking first through a raid by captain Rahul Chaudhari. The Thalaivas replied in kind with a raid by K.Prapanjan. Ajay Thakur was in fine form and dealt the Titans their first Super Raid by the 5th minute. The Titans responded with a Super Tackle and a Super Raid by Nitesh Salunke leaving them close to an All-out. 2 consecutive raids by Rahul Chaudhari gave the Thalaivas their first All-out within the first quarter. Chaudhari and Mohsen’s raiding onslaught crippled a Thalaivas defence that was scrambling for ideas. The Titan’s captain was in fine form, and dealt the Thalaivas a second All-out in the 15thminute through 2 back-to-back raids.   

Apart from a fine Super 10 from Ajay Thakur, the Thalaivas contributed little of note and did not register a single tackle point in the first half. The Titans entered the break with a commanding lead of 30-15.

Chaudhari took little time to complete his Super-10 in the second half, and inflicted a third All-out on the Tamil Thalaivas. Ajay Thakur continued to pick up points, but a lack of support from his teammates meant the Titans continued compounding their lead. It took until the 28th minute for the Thalaivas to earn their first tackle point, but it was too late to prevent the already bloated Titans lead of 21 points. The Thalaivas were trailing behind with a score of 41-20 by the last ten minutes of the game.

The Thalaivas flipped their strategy in the final 10 minutes of the game and adopted a passive playstyle, enforcing do-or-die-raids to pressure the Titans and pick up raid points. Shortly after, the Thalaivas dealt the Titans their first All-out of the game, giving fans hope that there was still fight in their team. A late offensive onslaught by the Titans shattered those hopes quickly, with Mohsen and Salunke each completing their Super-10 in the final minute. A dominant performance from the Titans handed the Thalaivas their fourth straight loss at home, with a commanding 58-37 lead.