Tamil Thalaivas vs U Mumba match review

Oct-02-2017 Post / tamil-thalaivas-vs-u-mumba-match-review

The Tamil Thalaivas may have lost their third consecutive game at home, however the fantastic display of Kabaddi in Chennai would be a positive to even the most disappointed fan. This was a match to be decided by the big moments, and U Mumba had two. Defender Kuldeep Singh’s consecutive Super Tackles and an audacious 2-point raid by U Mumba veteran Kashiling Adake were the decisive moments in this match, and in the end was all that separated two very impressive sides.

Mumbai started the match strong, with Captain Anup Kumar leading the charge with a 2-point raid. Shrikant Jadhav and Adake piled on the points with successful raids of their own. A shaky Tamil Thalaivas team were then served their first All-Out of the match, courtesy of the Mumbai offensive duo. U Mumba accumulated a healthy 13-6 lead by the end of the first 10 minutes. Ajay Thakur was having a great night, but his teammates could not match his level of energy and provide viable support. He pulled off an All-Out of his own, keeping the Thalaivas afloat at 17-16 as the break approached. U Mumba led by a single point at 18-17 heading into half-time.

U Mumba suffered a heavy casualty at the beginning of the second half as raider Kashiling Adake was taken out. Bringing on Shabeer Bappu in his place, the raider settled into his role quickly and executed a superb 2-point raid to get his team to 20-17. The Thalaivas were in desperate need of inspiration in the first half, and achieved it through K.Prapanjan’s performance. The raider came alive in the second half and pulled off some daring raiding to bring the scores level to 21-21. U Mumba successfully appealed against an Ajay Thakur raid, leading to groans from the home fans. 

The two sides rallied against each other aggressively, with a stream of raid and tackle points credited to both teams. The Thalaivas found themselves down to four men and trailing 26-22. K. Prapanjan struck back for the hosts and brought the scores level once more to 26-26. Kuldeep Singh pulled off two Super tackles for Mumbai. U Mumba piled on further damage through the late introduction of Kashiling Adake, who pulled off a further raid to condemn the Tamil Thalaivas. U Mumba settled down in the final minutes of the match and retreated to a tactical defensive strategy, enough to close the game out at 33-30.