Tamil Thalaivas vs U.P. Yoddha match review

Oct-04-2017 Post / tamil-thalaivas-vs-u.p.-yoddha-match-review

The Tamil Thalaivas faced the U.P. Yoddhas in game 109 and this match was the perfect example of a game where offensive play reigned supreme. The raider duos of Nitin Tomar-Rishank Devadiga from the Yoddhas and Ajay Thakur-K.Prapanjan from the Thalaivas were in a constant race collecting points, in contrast to the mellow display in defence from either team. The Thalaivas lacked viable support for their raiders, while the Yoddhas had capable utility players like Mahesh Goud and Santhosh B.S. that made all the difference while earning this victory.

The Tamil Thalaivas were the first to strike, with K.Prapanjan handling the bulk of offensive duties. The U.P. Yoddhas were quick to respond with a super tackle and a series of raids by Nitin Tomar and Rishank Devadiga. Sensing the mounting danger of an All-out, The Yoddhas sent on raider Santhosh. The decision proved to be a fruitful one, as he took out three Thalaivas players with one super raid, completely flipping the pressure on to his opponents. The Tamil Thalaivas were dealt an all-out by Nitin Tomar shortly after, taking the Yoddhas lead to 16-12. Tomar’s performance was clinical and effective, racking up a first half tally of 7 points and taking his team’s lead to 20-15 heading into the break.

K.Prapanjan continued to be the raider of choice for the Thalaivas after the break, grabbing points through quick raids. The Thalaivas defence was shaky and couldn’t handle the pressure from Nitin Tomar. The raider from the Yoddhas earned his Super 10 shortly after the second half began and was a constant thorn in the side of the opposing defence. K. Prapanjan and Ajay Thakur of the Thalaivas picked up a Super 10 each, however this did little to stop the Yoddhas momentum and they accumulated a 7 point lead at 32-25 heading into the last 10 minutes of the match.

Thakur and Prapanjan continued to pick up points as the match entered crunch time. With a difference of just 5 points separating the 2 teams with 4 minutes on the clock, the Thalaivas fans were optimistic about their chances of a late comeback. An unfortunate defensive lapse on the part of the Thalaivas gifted the Yoddhas 2 points in the dying minutes. Despite Thakur’s best efforts to bridge the gap, the Thalaivas were unable to overcome their opponents in the meagre time left and slipped to a 5th straight home loss.