Tamil Thalaivas vs UP Yoddha match Review

Sep-14-2017 Post / tamil-thalaivas-vs-up-yoddha-match-review

The Tamil Thalaivas finally found the elusive second win they were looking for, and what a way to do it! Regardless of whoever won or lost, most fans would agree that this game was a win for the sport. Both sides put on a passionate and capable display in both offence and defence, with neither team taking full control of the match.

Nitin Tomar of the Yoddhas opened the scoring with a 2 point lead in the first minute followed by two more subsequent raids. The UP Yoddhas gained a 6-0 lead in the first three minutes of the match, and Nitin Tomar set the tone for his fantastic 14-point performance to follow. Opening themselves up to pressure from the Yoddhas, The Thalaivas looked to be scrambling after an all-out set them back by 8 points in 4 minutes as the score read 9-1. 

Ajay Thakur and K. Prapanjan each scored raid points in the next two minutes, followed by a super raid by Prapanjan in the 12th minute that further closed the gap between the teams. The first half was closed out by Nitin Tomar, who got the Yoddhas back on track with 2 more raid points in the 19th minute. The UP Yoddhas looked to be the better team of the half as the score read 18-12 in their favour.

The Tamil Thalaivas started the first half like they had something to prove. An all-out in the 21st minute closed the gap between the Thalaivas and the Yoddhas to only four points with the score reading 20-16. The next few minutes saw both teams rally furiously against each other to gain precious raid and tackle points resulting in the Yoddhas maintaining a slender lead 23-20 by the 29th minute.

A nasty clash in the 33rd minute between the Yoddha defence and Thalaivas raider Ajay Thakur saw him sent to the bench. Nitesh Kumar of the Yoddhas achieved an all-out that put his team forward by 5 points with the score reading 26-21.

The final minutes of the match were filled with intrigue after the Thalaivas scored an all-out to finally gain a 1 point lead over the Yoddhas with the scores reading 29-28. The Thalaivas lead slipped away in the next minute as Nitin Tomar came through with a super raid that tilted the balance in his team’s favour, with the score reading 31-29. 

The Thalaivas seemed to give it all they had in the final 2 minutes and showed a determination to win this game. Ajay Thakur proved why he is THE star raider of the Thalaivas, and earned a super raid as well as another successful raid to bring the game to a breath-taking conclusion, with the score reading 34-33 in favour of the Thalaivas.