Tamil Thalaivas Vs. Bengaluru Bulls match review

Oct-06-2017 Post / tamil-thalaivas-vs.-bengaluru-bulls-match-review

Another night of misery for the Tamil Thalaivas as a ruthless 17-point tally from Bengaluru Bulls captain Rohit Kumar condemned the home team to their 6th straight loss. This match indicated the end of a nightmare run of home games the Thalaivas have been subjected to. Ajay Thakur’s impressive 15-point tally will be of some consolation for the dejected Thalaivas fans.

The match began with the Bulls on the front foot, through some great raiding by Rohit Kumar. The Thalaivas defense did not do their team any favors with ineffective tackling. Ajay Thakur was in usual fine form and his four straight successful raids helped the Thalaivas keep pace with their opponents. The rapid back & forth between the two sides came to a head when Rohit Kumar was victim to a Super tackle in the 15th minute. The Thalaivas let this opportunity slip out of their hands and fell to an All-out shortly after. The Thalaivas headed into the break trailing 19-10.

Rohit Kumar was back to his best in the second half and pulled off a 2-point raid that handed the Thalaivas their 2nd All-Out. The Thalaivas failed to conjure up anything of note and fell to their third All-Out of the night shortly before the 30th minute. The Bengaluru Bulls had accumulated a commanding 37-16 lead before the last 10 minutes of the match.

A series of raids from Ajay Thakur dealt an All-Out to Bengaluru by the 34th minute, reducing the difference between the teams to 41-27. The Bengaluru Bulls recognized the potential of the match being flipped and adapted to a tactical defensive play style that was enough to run the clock down and seal the game in their favor with a massive 45-35 lead.