Tamil Thalaivas vs. Telugu Titans match preview

Oct-02-2017 Post / tamil-thalaivas-vs.-telugu-titans-match-preview

Tamil Thalaivas
League Record: L L W T L

League Position: Zone B, 5th position

The Tamil Thalaivas have faced their upcoming rivals in the Pro Kabaddi League before, in a match that ended 33-28 in favour of the Titans. This slowly developing southern rivalry is sure to see a lot more chapters, but this match represents an opportunity for the Thalaivas to get even. In the opposing end, The Telugu Titans biggest asset is captain and raider Rahul Chaudhari. With many proclaiming this season to be his breakout, Rahul Chaudhari is a physically gifted raider. 

With Speed and strength in heaps, Rahul Chaudhari will be an immense threat to this Thalaivas defence. Mohsen Maghsoudlou is another raider with the potential to be a constant thorn in the side to the Thalaivas.  Amit Hooda will have his hands full as the anchor of this Thalaivas defence. Captain Ajay Thakur will spearhead the attack, supported by young talent in the form of Dong Geon Lee and K.Prapanjan. Both of these players are experiencing an upturn in form, which could be credited to increased playing time from Coach K.Baskaran. This is an important opportunity for the Thalaivas, and with a slow start to the season, the pressure is growing with every match they play.

Fans of the Thalaivas will hope that the unsuccessful home run will inspire the team to blow away their southern counterparts in the leagues, but a lack of confidence is a real worry in the Thalaivas camp.

Telugu Titans
League record: W L L L L

League Position: Zone B, 4th Position

The Telugu Titans have endured a trying season so far. Most fans are sure to be delighted with the emergence of Rahul Chaudhari as an offensive force in the league, but middling form so far shows little potential for improvement. The circumstances surrounding the last match between these two teams have changed but the stakes have only been raised. Both these teams are aiming for a shot at the knockouts, but the pressure could be the breaking point for either of these sides. 

The Titans have a dependable scoring presence in Rahul Chaudhari and are guaranteed adequate offensive support from Mohsen. Thalaivas defenders will be trying out new tactics to stop Rahul, and Amit Hooda is the perfect man to execute these. An agile and strong defender, his special ankle-hold move has caught many a raider by surprise. Thalaivas captain Ajay Thakur is a major threat, his performances being at the heart of most of the Thalaivas wins this season. 

The Telugu Titans will need to capitalize on any mistakes an inexperienced Thalaivas team is likely to make in order to win this match.