Tamil Thalaivas vs. U Mumba Match preview

Oct-01-2017 Post / tamil-thalaivas-vs.-u-mumba-match-preview

Tamil Thalaivas
League Record: L L W W L
League Position: Zone B, 6th Position

The Tamil Thalaivas next opponent will be U Mumba, and this is an inter-zonal clash with the potential to be quite exciting. U Mumba are an established team in this league and have been performing quite well this season, but are going through a punishing run off games. The Thalaivas themselves are on a similar run, leaving many fans hoping that fatigue does not turn out to be a decisive factor for this match. 

The Tamil Thalaivas defence are sure to have their hands full with U Mumba’s star raider Kashiling Adake. Having recently crossed a 500 point milestone in the Pro Kabaddi league, The Thalaivas will be wary of the potential for damage that he brings. U Mumba also boast a consistent if unspectacular defence, and raider Ajay Thakur is sure to know the difficulty of getting past a defence of that calibre. The Thalaivas best bet in this match would be a mixture of tactical defence and a ruthless offense.

U Mumba
League Record: W W L W W
League position: Zone A, 4th position

U Mumba are a confusing team in this competition. They go through long periods of sustained good or bad form that flips without warning. U Mumba have experienced a streak of 5 defeats in a row, followed by a streak of four wins in a row, in just their last 11 matches. Fans of both these teams will be waiting eagerly for this match, with the main event promising to be the clash of the raiders. Kashiling Adake and Ajay Thakur are both established and revered raiders in this competition.

Both these players have the ability to take a game by the scruff of its neck and influence it to favour their team, fans will be waiting for this battle with bated breath. U Mumba will look to wreak havoc on the Thalaivas defence. Consisting of Amit Hooda and C. Arun, both these players can form an impenetrable barrier if on form. Considering the offensive talent U Mumba has on hand, this has the potential to be an exciting showdown.