The key contributions of the Steel industry and fueling the Power Generation sector

Nov-16-2018 Post / the-key-contributions-of-the-steel-industry-and-fueling-the-power-generation-sector

All functioning industries, manufacturers, residential, and commercial setups rely on the Power industry for their supply of Electricity in various forms. The power supplied to these host of industries allow them to power their machinery, provide the power for the basic amenities, power the supply chain processes, helps monitor and check everything is working seamlessly on power-generated laptops and gadgets.

Though the Power industry is key in providing value to these industries, the Steel industry has a co-dependence with the Power industry. The power industry supplies the required power and electricity to the Steel industry and the Steel industry supplies the products for the setup and infrastructure of the Power generation industry. Steel forms an integral part of all kinds of Power Generation industries from non-renewable sources like Natural Gas, Coal, or renewable sources like, Wind, Water, etc.

Here are some applications of Steel in the different sections of the Power Generation industry:

Extraction of Resources:
Extracting and sourcing of the resources from the depths of the sea or the ground is a first step to generate power from non-renewable sources like Natural gas and fossils that need specific extraction equipment. Most of these equipment include huge amounts of Steel for their extraction, from offshore extraction platforms to cranes and lifters. Steel is an alloy that has minimal to no chemical effect on these resources sourced and therefore is chosen as an ideal material.

Main Infrastructure:
Construction of Power plants, windmills, hydro-power system, Nuclear power station, etc all include huge amounts of Structural steel. It is a key material used in such important infrastructure for its high reliability and strength. The dependence on the Power plants is huge and therefore it is important to use only the best materials in their constructions that will ensure that these structures have the least to no failure percentage and are built to withstand major calamities, natural and man-made.

Power Generation Machinery:
Generation of Power is achieved at very high temperatures and high pressures. This is a very critical atmosphere to consider when building and incorporating machinery and vessels that hold the generated power and store them, for instance, electricity turbines, wind turbines, electromagnets. The ability of Steel to withstand heat and pressure makes is a practical and simple choice to be included in the machinery to generate power of all kinds. Also, the non-corrosive Steel type ensures that there is no reaction of the resources like coal, water, nuclear substances, to allow unadulterated production.

Transfer of Power and Electricity:
Transmission towers, pipelines, bulk storage tanks, etc are all made out of different grades of Steel and Steel types to store and transfer the power and electricity to the required destinations. Power lines supply electricity to major industries, and even homes is passed over long distances from the Power Generation plants. Construction of these transmission wires and the wires themselves use Steel as a key element.

At Agni Steels, all the power and electricity used in our production facility is supplied by our renewable and sustainable source, Windmills which were constructed with our in-house TMT Steel rods.