The Role of Dealers in the Steel Industry

Aug-26-2018 Post / the-role-of-dealers-in-the-steel-industry

Manufacturing of Steel is just the first step to making the products available for the end-customers. For the products to reach from a Manufacturing plant to the construction site, a number of individuals are involved. To ensure that you are receiving the products from a reliable source with consistent availability, Steel brands have Steel dealers present in different locations to make the products available for the customers.

Here are the main benefits that the dealers provide for the Steel industries and the customers:

         1.  Product availability:
The manufacturers are available at one location and they have to supply to different locations for the utilization of these products at different construction locations sites. This is streamlined and made available with the help of dealers present at different locations. These dealers based at different locations make the product available for the consumers, far away from manufacturers. 

         2.  Shipping costs:
Making the products available at locations closer to the construction sites ensure easy access and supply of the products. Dealers in your vicinity make it easier for the products to be shipped to the customers’ location, reducing the shipping costs as opposed to the products to be delivered from the manufacturing unit to the construction site.

         3.  Timely delivery:
The availability of dealers in your neighborhood makes it easier for your construction materials to reach you in a timely fashion. The delivery is faster from a dealer in the vicinity and the costs for these deliveries are also cut down considerably. For a construction site, delivery of the key raw materials is very time-bound and the dealers present in your location help you meet your process milestones and avoid any additional costs and time.

         4. Increased revenue: 
Making your products available at multiple locations with a network of Steel dealers brings in increased revenue for the manufacturing company. The consistent availability and sales of the products at different locations with the dealers ensures a continuous inflow of revenue from different sources and benefits the brand. 

        5. Brand Reach: 
The wide network of dealers available at different locations also act as marketing hubs for the brand and the availability of the products familiarizes the customers about the manufacturers. The reach of the brand name and product is much higher, thanks to the network of dealers who make the product available at various locations. The recognition of the brand aids in its marketing and expansion of its manufacturing.

We, at Agni Steels are thankful to our 400+trusted dealers that are building our brand visibility in different markets and states and helping us achieve our goal of providing our product to more and more audience each day. We encourage more dealers to join hands with us and become a part of our network by connecting with us. We are expanding our business to Andhra Pradesh and would look forward to making new dealer connections.