The Role of Iron in the Steel Manufacturing industry

Jan-09-2019 Post / the-role-of-iron-in-the-steel-manufacturing-industry

Iron Ore is the most integral participant initiating the Steel manufacturing process. It is therefore extremely critical to select the source of Iron ore, extraction process, quality checks, and purification of this raw material. Iron is the most abundant element on Earth and is rich with properties that make it a great raw material for the different manufacturing industries. Several industries like, Automobile, Infrastructure, Iron and Steel industry, Machinery, rely on Iron for their functioning.

Here are some of the important factors that are dependent on Iron in a Steel manufacturing Industry:

Defining Properties

As Iron is the major constituent in the Steel production, some properties of Iron are passed on to the Steel produced with this raw-material. For instance, the high strength and heat resistant properties of Iron that are also present in the Steel products manufactured. In the process of making Steel from Iron, these properties are enhanced and therefore Steel has become the choice of product for the Infrastructure and Construction industry.

Defining Quality

The source of Iron ore influences the quality of the products manufactured from it. Steel producers therefore take immense time and research in selecting the reserve for the Iron ore. The process of extraction of this Iron ore is also chosen to ensure that the quality of Iron ore is unaltered. The quality of Iron ore and its extraction and purification process are significant in designating the quality of the Steel manufactured. To manufacture high quality Steel, it is imperative to only use high quality Iron in the production process.

Defining Process

Iron is present in various form in the Earth. Most Steel industries use Iron ore as their starting material with different levels of impurities present in them. The purification of Iron from the ore is therefore different, depending on the amount and presence of various impurities like, Nitrogen, Silica, Phosphorus, Sulphur, and additional carbon. The process of purification of Iron and the further production phases are therefore decided and carried out to remove the impurities from the Raw Iron and achieve a high quality Raw Iron.

Defining Pricing

Iron Ore extraction, purification, and its transport to the Steel manufacturing unit are all time and labor intensive which are factors that add up to the price of the product. When the reserve of the Iron ore is present in a different state or country, that is a cost to the company that is considered in deciding the price of the final product. The choice of extraction process, the market value of purification materials, the cost of machinery for the removal of particular impurities, quality checks, etc are all aspects that determine the overall pricing of the products.

At Agni Steels, our source, extraction process, purification process of Iron are all consistent and steady and therefore we can ensure a reliable, fair-priced, quality Steel manufactured from our carefully sourced and cleaned Iron.