The strength of TMT rods vs. Conventional Steel rods

Nov-12-2017 Post / the-strength-of-tmt-rods-vs.-conventional-steel-rods

Steel rods are responsible for much of the integrity of any structure, but how exactly do they function within the structure? Formed into meshes and frameworks that will serve as guides for pouring concrete-cement mixtures, steel rods are a tension device. Steel rods are embedded into concrete and cement mixtures to provide tensile hold after it sets, while also resisting tensile stresses that cause gaps and cracks in structures which could lead to future structural failure.

TMT steel rods are the high strength option for steel bars. Conventional CTD Steel bars were used in India for a long period of time, since they were the most viable option for building a wide variety of structures. TMT steel rods take the functionality of conventional steel rods while shedding all of its disadvantages. CTD rods suffer from non-existent ductility, an inclination to rust and brittleness, all of which threaten the integrity of any structure they are used in. 

TMT rods fix all of these problems, while also adding benefits that uplift the stability and durability of any structure they are placed in. In India, the use of TMT steel rods became more widespread after their initial use in flyovers, bridges and high-rise buildings, which proved their superior mechanical properties.

The benefits of using TMT steel begin as soon as they are transported from the manufacturing facility. TMT steel rods are far lighter compared to conventional CTD rods, which makes easier to transport to the site. Once on-site, TMT rods feature extremely high ductility, which allows workers to conveniently mould wire meshes. The ductility and bendability are what make TMT steel rods so versatile and grant them a wide variety of applications.

Furthermore, TMT steel rods can be either lap-welded or butt-welded, without losing strength at the weld points. This is due to the low carbon content, which is also what allows TMT rods to be welded by normal electrodes. TMT rods have an extreme resistance to corrosion and are suitable for use in structures that are in close proximity to coastal areas. These can be used in any concrete structure due to their endless adaptability.

Agni Steels’ TMT rods take the superior features of TMT rods and perfect them within our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities, creating a product that shuns both convention and comparison.