The Variety of Shapes and Sizes of Steel Bars that define their application

May-02-2018 Post / the-variety-of-shapes-and-sizes-of-steel-bars-that-define-their-application

Steel bars have a diverse range of applications in a variety of industries. The bars are therefore manufactured and made available to serve these industries. The structure, shape, and sizes of the bars are dependent on a host of factors like, the chemical composition, the machinery and moulding equipments, the casting division in a manufacturing unit, the hot and cold processes. These factors, are therefore maintained to produce the required result. 

Applications dependent on Shapes and Sizes of Steel rods:

1. Sectional bars:
The section bars have a peculiar angle in their shape, that are often names as per the alphabets they depict. The common bars available as sectional bars are Rolled angled sections in the shape of Letter “L”, Rolled Channel section in the shape of the letter C, Rolled T section and Rolled I section. The sections in the shapes of these bars allow the designers to work with a variety of designs. Most common applications are in construction of columns, steel roof trusses, steel frames for structures.

2. Round, Square, and Flat bars:
The second category of bars is based on its shape, round, square, and rectangular (flat) bars are a common site at most constructions. These bars are used for grill work, windows, and gates in a construction and their selection is dependent on the design of the construction plan. These bars are available in different sizes and are provided to the industries as per their requirement.

3Sheets, Plates, and Mesh:
Common application of the type of steel bars drawn into plates, sheets, and mesh are used in roof coverings and artistic architectural designs. Sometimes, these are also used as part of modern furniture units for aesthetic appeal. These steel bars are available in different sizes to meet with the demands.

4. Ribbed bars:
Ribbed bars are majorly used in construction industry and are available in two main varieties. High-strength bars called HYSD bars are extensively used as a reinforcement material in all types of large scale concrete constructions from roadways to bridges, to skyscrappers. Mild Steel ribbed bars are also available in the market but are not recommended for high-end usage as their load bearing capacity is really low.

5. TMT bars:
Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars are manufactured with a specific quenching technique to create soft-core and tough exterior in the ribbed bars. This technique allows the bars to gain more yield strength and the elongation is enhanced in the products. TMT bars are used for strong concrete reinforcements in bridges, high rise buildings, transportation facilities, construction of big ships, dams, industrial constructions, etc that require highly tensile, and dynamic foundations and setups.

At Agni Stels, we manufacture TMT bars from 6 mm to 32 mm diameter, available in 8 sizes and the standard yield strengths as per the ISI norms. We follow the latest and advanced technology for the quenching process for manufacturing of our TMT rods that ensure our products meet the quality standards.