TMT Steel Rod Manufacturers fail Quality Tests for composition by FCC

Nov-02-2018 Post / tmt-steel-rod-manufacturers-fail-quality-tests-for-composition-by-fcc

With the target of 300 million tonne per annum by 2030 set by the Steel Ministry of India, the Steel manufacturers of India have changed gears to meet these expectations and contribute to the country’s GDP. These targets were set out to meet the rising demands of Steel domestically and globally and to become a front runner in the Steel production in the world. One of the key product of consumption and export in the sector is Steel TMT bars used in construction and infrastructure around the country.

In the recent report by First Construction Company, it has been observed that these rising demands were not met with the exacting quality standards laid down by the Steel Ministry and this will directly impact the development in the country. This report came as a blow to not just the Steel industry but also the Construction, Cement, and other industries who are directly tied to the Steel manufacturers.

The key highlights of these reports were:

  1. Sixty six test samples of a variety of diameter for Fe 500 grade TMT bars were tested from 26 Steel manufacturing brands.
  2. The most updated standards by the Bureau of India Standards focuses on the maximum allowable amounts for phosphorus and sulphur to be maintained in order to meet the quality requirements
  3. These numbers were slated to not exceed 0.80 for Sulphur and Phosphorus combined and individually to keep under 0.45.
  4. The tests showed 18 brands out of the 26 checked, failed to comply with these standards and had exceeded these amounts in their products.
  5. The exacting amounts of sulphur and phosphorus are very important for the quality and final properties of the TMT bars and also the constructions they are used in.

These reports were very concerning as these TMT bars form the foundations for all the key constructions, infrastructure, transportation facilities, etc in the country and failing these important tests showcase their vulnerability to the various forces of natural and man-made accidents. When brands with the power to steer the foundations of our homes, buildings, offices, etc are unable to fulfill key quality standards, this derails our trust in them and we should be more conscious of the products we purchase and use and the manufacturers we buy from

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