Top 10 popular Steel structures around the world

Jul-08-2018 Post / top-10-popular-steel-structures-around-the-world

Steel is one of the most used metal in constructions and is used to create some mesmerizing and modern structures through decades. The list here includes some of the most memorable structures made of Steel, around the world. The highlight of these structures is the unique flexibility that the metal allows and also the strength and longevity of these amazingly designed buildings. 

1. The Eiffel Tower: Paris, France 

This most romantic and recognized structure was built in 1889 and is the tallest building in Paris. The tower is 1063 square feet in height and is a magnificent construction that has been loved over centuries. The design of this building is very unique and the metal lattice makes it durable and strong. 

2. The Brooklyn Bridge: New York, USA

This 130-year-old bridge is a landmark bridge in USA which is still open for vehicles and people to travel. It has been awarded historic status, was the first steel-wire suspension bridge built in 1869. This construction took decades to complete owing to the hard and thick Steel used in its construction. 

3. Taipei 101 Tower: Taiwan, China

The strength and durability of Steel can be truly seen in this structure. It is the tallest green building in the world which has 101-storey in its construction. The design is made structurally strong to withstand the common typhoon and earthquake in the area. It showcases a variety of technologically advanced features for the modern audience. 

4. The Empire State Building: New York, USA

This construction was made in the year 1931 but has all the modern and stylish design in its built. Over 57000 tonnes of Steel was used just in the Steel frame of this building, and this unique framing makes it an iconic structure to look at. This building has 103 floors and is a huge part of the American culture and movies. 

5. Burj Khalifa: Dubai, UAE

About 31,400 metric tonnes of Steel rebars were used in the construction of this magnificent building in the luxurious city of Dubai. This is the tallest building in the world with 163 floors in its architecture. As this was built in 2009, the Burj Khalifa is one of the more modern structures in the world, with different storey available for a variety of industries and functions. It has also become a very popular tourist destination.

6. Willis Tower: Chicago, USA

With over a million tourists visiting the Willis Tower every year, it has become one of the most loved tower for its structural design and due to its presence in major superhero and sci-fi movies like, Spiderman, Man of Steel, Jupiter Ascending, Rampage . This remains the tallest Steel-construction building in the world.  The Steel frame gives it the much-needed support and strength against the powerful Chicago winds.

7. Beijing National Stadium: Beijing, China

With more than 42,000 tonnes of Steel, this architectural marvel was created as a centerpiece for the 2008 Olympic Games. The unique design that gives it a structure of a Bird’s Nest is achieved by the incorporation of steel beams in its entire infrastructure. The unique design is strengthened by the metal and the intricate designs from the Chinese culture are incorporated in the stadium infrastructure.

8. The Seagram Building: New York, USA

This American corporate building was one of a kind and set an example for all future buildings to be built. This sleek and modern construction was made with minimalism in its design and ideal geometry that included lavish and exquisite designs making it the most expensive skyscraper of the time. It was the first building of a kind to use Steel framing and also in the Reinforcements with concrete.

9. Sydney Harbour Bridge: Sydney, Australia

This list would be incomplete without the inclusion of the international symbol from Australia. This arched structure is made with a total of 52,800 tonnes of Steel and carries all forms of ground-level transport through it, from rails, to roads, and even pedestrians. This bridge is supported by the hand-driven rivets which remains the unique structural inclusion in the architectural design.

10. Gateway Arch: Missouri, USA

The most iconic landmark in St. Louis, this arched monument is the tallest arch in the world. This monument is constructed with Carbon-steel in its Interior infrastructure and Stainless Steel in its exterior design for a unique look. This construction is dedicated to the people of America and embodies the optimism of a growing nation.

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