Using Innovation & Technology in Constructions

Dec-24-2018 Post / using-innovation-technology-in-constructions

We have come a long way since our first stable construction centuries ago. With the modern technology and research at hand, our constructions over the years have seen some magnificent changes over the years. These innovations have also enabled us to incorporate modern and cutting edge technological marvels into our construction designs, creating truly futuristic buildings that appeal and are fitting to the developments. All these technological advancements incorporate Steel as a major raw-material too for their machinery, robots, tools, etc for its modern features.

Here, we would discuss some interesting and useful tech that has been implemented in modern constructions:

1. Modular Constructions

Constructions of today have to meet the requirements of the audience and therefore they are made to fit the fast lifestyle of the people. Today, people expect minimal interaction at the site, quick turnarounds and easy-to-move construction elements. Steel and cement industries which are the main raw-material suppliers have understood this pressing need to create modular construction materials for the customers and therefore they have ready-to-setup materials that can be brought to site. For instance, cutting, welding, shaping, etc of Steel products to be used in the construction design is done off-site and brought to the site for layout. This saves time as the equipment does not need to be moved to the site, less labor-intensive for the on-site workers, it does not disturb that customers and the neighborhood, and is environmentally beneficial as it is carried out at a manufacturing site and reduces wastages.

2. Virtual Reality in Pre-constructions

Large scale and infrastructural layouts involve huge monetary and time investment to create the design models for the constructions and revise them as per the different stakeholders’ inputs and reviews. VR solutions are starting to replace this elaborate undertaking with modern and technologically advanced systems that can be incorporated to visualize, revise, test the designs pre-construction and are more realistic in nature.

3. Self-repair Concrete

Concrete is one of the key raw-materials in constructions alongside Steel and therefore it is important to welcome innovative improvements to the material. The latest invention in the industry is the Self-Healing Concrete that can repair itself under high levels of pressure, mechanical stress, loads, etc and ensure there are no cracks, breaks that lead to construction failures.  The growth of bacteria and microcapsules in the concrete mixture ensure that cracks are filled as soon as they are formed, allowing them to repair itself and ensuring longevity of the constructions.

4. Construction Robots

Automation is common in every industry these days but the construction industry has recently started embracing this powerful tool to its fullest potential. With Semi-automatic and completely automatic robots are now entering the construction sites and ensuring minimal accidents to life and property, saving time and energy for the building team. From the Masonry job of brick-laying to the complicated Built Robots that include self-driving trucks, construction robots have taken automation to a new level. This technology enables the construction team to ensure precision at every step and level.

All these new-age innovations dictate the construction industry and also encourage the manufacturing companies to adapt to these modern technologies to build futuristic, edgy, and meticulous constructions. Agni Steels welcomes these technological marvels and incorporates modern machinery and technology into its manufacturing site.