What are TMT Steel Rods?

Sep-28-2018 Post / what-are-tmt-steel-rods-

If you have been involved in the construction of your house or office or are the builder or architect for constructions around the world, you might have heard or used the term TMT rods. TMT stands for Thermo Mechanically Treated, which is the method of production of the Steel rods. This method produces rods recognized with their unique physical structure and defined features that make it fit for any construction. Over the years, the Steel industry has developed and upgraded methods and machinery for producing the best rods for the construction industry.

A country’s development is linked to the constructions and transportation facilities it had built over the years. With the right Steel rods, you can lay the strongest foundation for a developing country with long-lasting, superior, and modern constructions.

Now, let’s understand what makes these TMT Steel rods the top choice for constructions.

1. Method of Production:
As the name suggests, Thermo Mechanically Treated rods are prepared at high temperatures to mould the Wrought iron mechanically to attain the exacting physical appearance. The rods are treated with a combination of thermal methods (heating, re-heating, quenching, etc) and mechanical processes (rolling, compressing, etc) that form the final product. These carefully timed processes of producing the TMT rods gives it its unique structural and mechanical edge over the other rods in the market.

2. Structure of the Rod:
The hear provided to the raw-materials in the initial stage of the production process is met with a subsequent cooling process for defining the unique structure of the rods. While the high temperatures of the quenching process give the rods its tough and strong outer core, the sudden cooling methods provide the soft core that is visible at the centre of the rods. These different physical attributes are therefore tied to the progression of the many processes involved in this production.

3. Key Features:
The typical structure of the TMT rods defines its key features of strength and ductility. The hardened exterior of the rods provides the desired strength to them while the soft core gives it its extreme ductility. Both of these features are key in contributing to the strong yet flexible nature of the constructions around the country.

4. Advantages and Uses:
TMT rods are easy to bend, weld, and allow the elasticity to form unique and modern structures of different shapes and forms, for instance, bridges, education institutions, etc.
The strength of the rods is crucial for forming a strong foundation or base for all the constructions.
The TMT rods are also provided with ribs and lugs on their exteriors to adhere easily to the cement and  concrete materials used for constructions, which extends its resistance to calamities.

At Agni Steels, we are proud to contribute such an amazing product that delivers to the developments happening all around us, since 1989. Our TMT Steel Rods have been recognized by the industry standard certifications and awards.