Why Agni Steel’s TMT steel bars set them apart from the rest!

Aug-28-2017 Post / why-agni-steel-s-tmt-steel-bars-set-them-apart-from-the-rest--2

We at Agni Steels take great pride in our prime product, our TMT steel bars. Since we began production in 1992, our ultimate goal has always been to provide a high-quality solution to our consumers at a cost-effective rate. As time passed by, this definition of “the perfect solution” continued to change. Naturally, our product had to evolve and grow alongside it. Initially, we only produced CTD (Cold Twisted Deformed) rods. Years of dedicated research and development aimed at perfecting our product has brought us to the quality Agni TMT steel rods we create today.

TMT stands for Thermo-Mechanically Treated, a process of manufacturing steel bars to emphasize integral features of steel rods that make them more convenient to work with. Over a three-stage process, our steel bars are manufactured and optimized for strength and ductility.

In the first stage, Quenching, A special water spray is used to quench the rods. However, this is executed only on the periphery of the rods, while the core of the rod remains untouched.

In the second stage, Tempering, the rod is left to cool on itself. Our method allows the rod to self-temper, as the residual heat from the untouched core tempers the outer surface. This forms an extremely hard crystalline steel structure on the exterior surrounding the core, martensitic steel.

In the third and final stage, Atmospheric Cooling, the rod is left to set on a cooling bed. Over the course of this process, the inner core is transformed into a ductile ferrite-pearlite structure which results in a strong steel bar.

Our process ensures a steel bar that is firm yet ductile and also conducive to welding. Additionally, Agni Steels TMT rods are imposed with transverse and longitudinal ribs that ensure a strong bond with cement and concrete.

Our product is a point of pride for us, and we hope to always provide our product at an excellent value to our customers.