Why Agni Steels extensive network of dealers is growing consistently?

Apr-12-2018 Post / why-agni-steels-extensive-network-of-dealers-is-growing-consistently-

As Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) constructions are rendering the age-old brick and mortar constructions obsolete, builders rely on enhancing the quality of rebars used, for additional strengthening. To facilitate the consistent supply of high-quality rebars throughout South India, Agni Steels has maintained a reliable network of dealers.

Different dealerships have their own individual requirements, and Agni Steels caters to them with timely deliveries, without compromising on their pristine quality. Following are few of the successful methodologies, which ensure steady growth of dealership network:

  1. Uniform price structure: In the competitive nature of the current market, the pricing structure is one of the biggest factors, which affects the sales. Maintaining a uniform pricing structure throughout the dealers establishes fair pricing policy for them. Dealers can hope for steady growth, when the prices are kept constant, regardless of the total volume of products being sold, to maintain fairgrounds. Agni Steels regards our dealers with equal importance, be it a 5 ton/month dealership, or a massive 500 ton/month one.
  2. Quality Maintenance: With TMT steel rods that are at par with International Standards, boasting the coveted IS: 1786 Indian Standards Certificate, establishing supremacy by offering the highest quality has always been AGNI STEEL’s motto. This ensures trust, amongst the customers and dealers alike, enabling a widespread dealership network.
  3. Selection of locations: Operating regions of the dealers, are to be checked to avoid overlapping. Such overlaps can cause a conflict of business and will affect the earnings of other dealers. Agni Steels follows a certain set of guidelines, based on the market scope of that area while offering dealerships, in order to avoid these recurrences.
  4. Educating the dealers: By providing dealers the opportunity to visit the manufacturing facility, Agni Steels ensure that they possess a better understanding of the product, along with an overall knowledge of the process. Equipped with first-hand technical know-how, they witness how variously advanced machinery, guaranteeing products of superior standards. 
  5. Deployment of BDEs: At Agni Steels, Business Development Executives are assigned with their individual geographical areas, that act as the connecting link for dealers and consumers. These BDEs scout their areas for upcoming and ongoing projects, that could require Agni Steels products and guidance. This facilitates the dealerships, by generating new business.
  6. Marketing for dealers: Generalized marketing practices, like advertising through various forms of media, such as TV, radio, newspapers, and social media platforms; provide walk-in customers for the dealers. This eventually improves the sales for these dealerships and nurtures their growth for years to follow.

Agni Steels has relied on these strategies and has built a network of over 450 dealerships throughout Southern India, in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh, and continues to develop the same, in the years to follow.