Why dealers trust us as steel TMT rods suppliers

Jan-29-2018 Post / why-dealers-trust-us-as-steel-tmt-rods-suppliers

Starting out from the town of Perundurai, Tamil Nadu in 1992, Agni Steels possesses over 2 decades of expertise in manufacturing high-quality TMT steel bars for constructions. Agni Steels has effectively built its reliable network of over 400 dealers throughout Southern India. This talks volumes about our constant drive to focus on stronger bonds with our dealers and in our products.

Here are a few reasons why dealers choose us as a supplier of high-quality TMT steel rods for dealership:

Trust: We have maintained trust among our dealers by incorporating standardized practices in our supply chain management. With timely deliveries, better logistics, and improved inventory handling, we make the entire process efficient. We offer exquisite customer service, paired with off-site technical guidance, handling instructions, along with the assurance of a steady supply of our products for our dealers. We recognize our dealer network as an extension of our organization itself and have built a vast network throughout Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala for the supply of our coveted TMT steel rods.

Reliable Product Specifications: If the product is flawless, it is easier and profitable for the dealers to sell it. Our TMT bars are thoroughly tested for their quality, viz. mechanical properties and chemical composition. They are manufactured according to the guidelines provided by the International Standards for Steel. These properties are the decisive factors in choosing the best TMT bar for distribution:

Value for money: What separates us from other manufacturers is our ability to revolutionize the production process to provide value-for-money to our customers/dealers. Our products are subjected to constant technological modifications and improvisations to benefit the quality of our leading-tech TMT steel bars. Our R&D team (research and development) at Agni Steels uses next-generation lab testing equipment to check and upgrade the process itself, to reduce the costs required, without compromising on the sound quality of the TMT rods.We possess the technical know-how for casting TMT rods using the highest of industry standards that can last for decades to follow.

Every dealership has a different set of requirements and Agni Steels has structured its organization to provide them with the best possible product.Our dealership network operates with a knowledgeable and efficient sales team at Agni Steels to manage their supply and demand for our products. Our foundation is based on supplying the best TMT rods for the dealers’ network to maintain a steady supply of our rebars. Given the irreplaceable nature of steel, we believe it is important to get the selection right. Remember: with steel, there is no second chance. To be a part of our special network of dealers, visit our Contact page