Why Quality Control is a benefit to us as a company and to our customers

Oct-17-2017 Post / why-quality-control-is-a-benefit-to-us-as-a-company-and-to-our-customers

At Agni Steels, we believe in a set of values that define our company. One of these unshakeable values is our commitment to deliver a high quality product to our customers, consistently and without fault. In order to ensure we stick to our values, Agni Steels has created a stringent quality control system that supervises our products from the beginning of the manufacturing process till the end. Our quality control is comprehensive and it is the reason our customers never receive a product that they are dissatisfied or unhappy with.

In this article, we are going to describe in detail the Quality Control Process that Agni has adopted and fine-tuned over the years. Our products are screened under two criterion, for their chemical properties and their mechanical properties. Since each of these criteria will significantly influence the end product that we send out, our quality control is also standardized to ensure all our products receive the same amount of oversight.

Testing for chemical properties

While testing for chemical properties, our technicians need to be aware of the proportions of metals in the steel bar. Our qualified technicians are looking at the levels of Carbon, Manganese, Sulphur and Phosphorus in our TMT steel bars. Each of these contribute certain qualities to the TMT steel rod, depending on their proportions. These proportions are tested and parameters are confirmed using the Strohlein Apparatus.

Testing for Mechanical Properties

Mechanical testing is used to analyse and confirm the physical properties of our TMT steel rods. Every billet cast in our Continuous Casting Machine undergoes a Microstructure Analysis. Agni Steels uses a Universal testing Machine to analyse the Proof Stress, Ultimate Stress and Elongation of the TMT rods. This machine is also used for Bend and Re-bend tests. An Image analyser is used to survey the surface formations and transverse cracks on the TMT rod.

Agni Steels believes that stringent Quality Control executed under exacting benchmarks is our responsibility, to ensure every customer receives a pristine product that they are satisfied with.