Why TMT rods are the superior choice for your structure

Sep-12-2017 Post / why-tmt-rods-are-the-superior-choice-for-your-structure

Agni Steels has been producing TMT technology since the year 2006. Our step in this direction was influenced by the acquisition of a semi-automated rolling mill. This rolling mill empowered us with the technology to produce steel bars with TMT technology.

The TMT technology is an intricate process, but one that lends the steel bar abilities far superior to other options. It involves quenching the periphery of a hot steel bar, creating an extremely hard outer shell of crystalline martensitic steel. This is caused by the untouched core of the bar tempering the cooled outside. The bar is then left on a cooling bed, during which the hot inner core is transformed into ferrite-pearlite that is softer than the layer surrounding it. The TMT process creates a steel bar that is extremely tough, yet perfectly ductile lending itself to a variety of uses. Here are a few advantages of TMT rods over other types of steel rods.

1. Corrosion resistant- TMT bars are subject to no twisting or any other pressure during manufacturing. This leads to fewer internal stresses which lends resistance to corrosion. TMT bars are perfect for use in areas close to the sea where metals have a tendency to rust and spoil quickly. Certain grades of TMT bars also can be applied to marine structures like bridges and ports. These bars in general feature a better resistance to salinity and acids than any other steel structural material.

2. High yield strength- The soft inner core does not compromise the bar's yield strength. A TMT bar can bear a massive amount of stress before it even begins to show signs of deformation. A TMT bar can be moulded to use in a variety of ways in a structure, but it still maintains its yield strength. This feature makes the TMT bar the perfect choice for structures that lie in earthquake-prone areas.

3. Better Ductility- An extremely hard outer layer and soft inner layer makes the TMT bar quite versatile.
The comparatively softer inner core gives the cord flexibility and suitable for use in any structure through its ability to change form according to the structure. This ductility however does not come at the cost of strength, which make the TMT bar an option that has the best of both worlds.

4. Space-saving structural material- The TMT bar features higher yield strength and tensile strength than any other option. This saves on the need for excessive load bearing columns as the strength of the TMT bar lends itself to the structure. TMT bars are perfect for use in structures that aim to save space.

These are a few of the prominent advantages that TMT bars have over other types of steel bars. Agni Steels TMT bar, crafted under our sophisticated manufacturing method, give our bars the guarantee of great quality.