Wind energy, a renewable energy source for a sustainable future

Nov-10-2017 Post / wind-energy-a-renewable-energy-source-for-a-sustainable-future

The price increase and worrying ecological effects of traditional energy sources are forcing people to look towards alternative energy sources that are not damaging to the environment at large, while also providing energy with the same reliability. This need has seen the emergence of Wind energy as a suitable alternative option as a renewable source.

Wind energy profile: It is considered to be one of the best renewable energy sources. Wind is caused by the uneven heating of the earth’s surface by the sun, causing hot air to rise up and cool air to take its place. This simple phenomenon is what causes wind pressure, flow and direction. Wind energy does not produce any pollutants or emissions while it is being gathered. This makes wind energy one of the cleanest methods of generating electricity, far more beneficial than traditional sources in this regard. Wind energy is generated through turbines, which harness the force of wind blowing through its blades to generating energy.

Facts about wind energy

1. Wind Turbines don’t consume water
Conventional methods of generating electricity require large amounts of water, a very small percentage of which will be returned to the source. In comparison, wind turbines do not require water to function effectively.

2. Wind energy is completely clean
Wind turbines do not negatively impact their surroundings with fumes, toxic or otherwise. Turbines can generate electricity without spoiling the ecosystems they surround. The same cannot be said for Hydroelectric or Thermal power generation. Additionally, Wind turbines do not poison the water we drink and the air we breathe, which means less smog, water pollution and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Wind energy has low operating costs
While it is true that the setting up of turbines to gather energy may be an expensive first step, the initial costs are the only real barrier. Once the turbine has been erected and is functional, the operating costs per day of a Wind Turbine are lower than any other conventional energy source. They are low maintenance and do not require constant oversight. Furthermore, it is not affected by the fluctuating costs of fuel, coal and gas.

4. It can be adapted to large or small scale conditions
Wind Energy can be used in a variety of applications. Wind farms can be erected with the intention of providing energy to entire communities or Single wind turbines can be installed in proximity to the facility they are meant to power. They have a wide variety of applications across the board that sets them up as the forerunner for sustainable energy sources for the future.

5. Wind energy is a home-grown energy source
Wind energy can be produced on site with only the power of airflow. It does not require dependence on fossil fuels that could be imported from other countries. Expanded use of wind energy could reduce our dependence on harmful fossil fuels entirely.

Agni Steels stands behind the continuous and expanding use of Wind Energy globally. Our facilities include two wind turbines, producing a combined 2.75 MW of electricity.