Dependence of water treatment industry on Steel

Water is our basic ingredient of life. All life forms use water on a daily basis for various life functions. Water is available in nature and is therefore susceptible to various dust, dirt, organisms, etc. It is important to treat such water to make it fit for consumption and use it in other industries. Clean and usable water is achieved treating water at Water Treatment plants. This is a huge industry as water is not only used in daily lives but also in various industries, like cloth manufacturing, food packaging, hydro-electricity, constructions, etc.

Here are few more reasons that Water treatment industries use Steel:

Ease of Design:
With the variety of equipment needed at different plants, it is important to have the flexibility in the built of such equipment and storage. Steel being a ductile metal, it gives the water treatment industries to design and install the desired equipment’s and storage containers with ease.

Corrosion resistance:
Water treatments need equipment and machinery that are corrosion resistance as the flow and storage of water (along with the pollutants) can cause the containers to rust or react. To ensure that there are no reactions or corrosion, industries are eager to use metals that provide strength and resistance to corrosion and reactions.

Tolerance to high pressure:
Steel has very high load bearing capacity which enables it to withstand high weight and volume of the substances it holds. This property of Steel plays a significant role when the water is pumped through the pipes with high pressure. This also lowers the leaching of water from the containers, therefore saving any wastage of water.

Durability and maintenance:
Steel is a metal that is known for its long-lasting feature. The metal lasts for decades without any high maintenance costs or repairs. This characteristic quality of Steel enables the industries to incorporate these parts and invest in them as well. The durability also ensures an ease-to-operate these systems for the plant handlers over the years.

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